An outstanding sequential thread title triplet

I just talked to my ex-girlfriend…
I just got tackled by the girl I love…
Am I a sex pervert?

Emo Phillips is Hot !!
It’s time to panic !!

I can’t believe y’all missed…

Scott Evil is hot!
My oven is hot!

I missed my flight…
Looking for a helicopter

Just seen in IMHO…

Things you hate the feel of
Braless women

One I laughed out loud at a few days ago in the Pit

Let the quest for the Grail begin

I just talked to my ex-girlfriend

I’m hankering for a sweet creamy treat

Why am I so hopeless with women (rare photo evidence)?

My Mighty Wang and Balls of Power.
Am I a Sex Pervert?

This one is from Great Debates:

Why not legalize drugs?
Religious Fundamentalism - Is there a remedy?


I just saw a neon sign for…