An Update On My Hole

(Not that one you pervs !)

The hole in my belly from the surigical incision is slowly but surely closing up. Yay !

Now it’s right at 3 3/4 to 4 inches long, 2 inches wide and at it’s deepest point about 2 1/2 deep. And we only have to do the wet to dry (make you cry) dressing twice a day now.

However there is some pus in the the dumb thing. It’s been that way for a few weeks. Even though I shower it out everyday (not fun to wash out a hole like that, the spray doesn’t feel wonderful) and it gets peroxide poured in there every day.

I will have to smack my doctor and insist on some antibiotics.

I can’t figure out why it still hurts bad enough that I still need pain killers (darvost) 2 to 3 times a day. I am also taking 800 mg of motrin 3 times a day.

I refuse to sweep, mop or vaccum until this is closed all the way. I won’t take any chances on doing anything that might keep it from healing well. (Well that’s what I tell everybody anyway. heh)

But I am back to cooking, loading the dishwasher and doing LIONsob’s hair everyday and folding laundry.

I have also lost 20 lbs now.Yay ! But this was a hellofaway to do it.

We hope ALL of your holes are looking and feeling good.

“How to scare the pants off a moderator by using a clever thread title, Part I” :slight_smile:

Get well soon, Ayesha!

Awww you knows I loves ya Coldy.
hehehehe <--------- evil giggle

I hope you’re healed up soon, Aye!

Snooooopy , Most of my holes are inspected by the LIONsob, he has found them to be good.

Zette, Thanks I hope so too, frankly this is getting frustrating !

Here’s hoping your hole heals hurriedly.