Anakin fulfilling the prophecy in Star Wars

I just saw the movie again and I was thinking about the prophecy that said that Anakin would destroy the Sith. How exactly does he fulfill it? I think I read the reason in a thread but I can’t find it and it’s really bugging me…

The prophecy says the Chosen One will bring BALANCE to the Force. The Jedi thought this meant Anakin would destroy the Sith… which shows you how well the Jedi read prophecy.

In actuality it meant that there would be Two Sith and Two Jedi… a balance between light and dark.

Plus, he did destroy the Sith. It just took him longer than they expected.

I read somewhere that Anakin created Luke that technically destroyed the Sith by killing Darth Vader, his father.


Yes, and if the EU is to be taken into account, Luke went on to train Jedi that knew how to accept and handle their emotions instead of blocking them altogether, which means there will be less of a posibility for Jedi to freak out and get an S&M breathing suit. This would have never happened if it hadn’t been for Vader, who killed all who were “misusing” the force, midichlored Luke, and destroyed the last Sith, saving his son. It was close, though.

Emperor: So be it, Jedi. If you won’t turn, you will be destroyed! bolts
Luke: Agghh!
Emperor: You fool, only now, at the end, do you understand.
Luke: Father! Help me!
Vader: This looks familiar…
Emperor: And now you will die.
Vader: What does this remind me of? There was that kinky night with Padme, yes. But no, that’s not it.
Luke: Father, please!
Vader: Hold on, I’m trying to remember something here.
Emperor: Hahaha!
Vader: Win… win… Windu! That’s it! That was the night I became evil! Oh, it’s all coming together now. History repeats itself. Don’t worry, Luke, I’ll save you! throws Palpatine Ow! Luke, are you…
Roasted Luke: …
Vader: NOOOOOOOO!!! … I sense… I sense a ship in the energy core. NOOOOOOOO!!!

Sure, he could have politely advised the Jedi in a new kind of training, but Windu was a jerk.

Well, since Luke didn’t kill Darth Vader, I suspect that’s incorrect.

Anakin did end up destroying the sith, when he threw the emperor to his death and then died shortly thereafter himself.

If you take the “balance” reading literally, the hard part of his job was getting rid of all those pesky jedi.

At the end, only Luke is left, and he’s not really “officially” a jedi, since the institution that would have recognized him as such is dead (Yoda, being the last Jedi Master, would have been the only person who could have pinned on his Jedi badge, and no such event seems to have occurred).

Basically, Anakin balanced out the force to 0 Jedi and 0 Sith.

Damn Near destoryed the Jedi too.

And here I thought I was mistaken about him not killing Vader… I haven’t gotten a chance to see the older movies in ages

Ahhh, I see. Thanks for clearing that up for me!

The way that Darth Sidious finally dies is kind of ironic though, isn’t it? After, oh, an undetermined several millenia’s worth of Jedi and Sith respectively developing and refining their respective fighting styles and skills, it finally boils down to a wheezing cyborg doing a WWW lift-'n-heave-ho* to an even older and more decrepit geezer.

It would be similar to, say, Cruise’s “last samurai” meeting an ignominious end by slipping on a banana peel and tumbling down a flight of stairs at the Late-Tokugawa-Period Nursing Home for Retired Samurai. Or Boba Fett falling into the Saarlac… :smiley:

  • Let’s get one thing straight here. I have never, ever, ever, actually watched the craptastic lowbrow spectacle that is professional wrestling. About the most wrestling I can handle is Olympic Greco-Roman (that is, the three minute’s worth of coverage that the network’ll squeeze between the tape-delayed 800m Women’s Butterfly second semifinal and the final round of the men’s 50-m. skeet shoot, at 2:18 A.M., EST). Said Olympic Greco-Roman matches are, disappointingly, conducted strictly according to Hoyle, usually with a fat Bulgarian guy getting sweaty with a fat Turkish guy. (It’s almost enough to make you reach for the Mylanta.) However, even I have managed to get the gist of what pro wrestling is like, more or less, so if there’s a quaint and curious term of WWW argot that applies to the Darth-vs.-Darth lift-'n-toss, you can just keep it to yourself, 'mkay?

While there was no formal ceremony or anything, Yoda did tell Luke he didn’t need anymore training, right before he died.

I don’t buy the whole notion that the prophecy meant balancing out the number of Sith with the number of Jedi. If so, Anakin didn’t fulfill it, because at the end of the series there was one Jedi (Luke) and zero Sith. I think balancing the force meant exactly what the Jedi thought: getting rid of the Sith who throw the force out of whack. And Anakin did – in Return of the Jedi he killed Palpatine and got himself mortally wounded in the process, thus eliminating the Sith.

I here by declare the prophecy of the one bring balance to the force to be a not so well thought out plot device Lucas pulled out of his ass.

Hell for all we know Ben Skywalker could be the chosen one who is to bring balance to the force.

Well, coming off the EU, there’s some obsessive pretty-boy who gets pissed off and goes to the dark side every five minutes. Usually for no good reason at all. In fact, most of them seem to do it because it helps them look angsty and pick up chicks.

But hey, I blame writers who can’t think beyond doing the films over and over again.

Yeah, closest thing to an offical declaration by any authoritative figure was Palpatine with “So be it: Jedi.”

Random EpIII thought below:

After watching Episode III, I now see this is just one final example of Palpatine medeling in Jedi affairs in regrards to personel decisions. Which was just the sort of thing that was honking the Jedi off to begin with.

Even so, Luke is a whole different breed of Jedi from the stuck-up guys who came before him. I seem to recall in the RotJ novelization where Luke is considering whether it would be right or wrong to use the Dark Side of the force judiciously, for the greater good (a slippery slope, of course) and we do see him using some patented Dark Side tricks in RotJ, such as force-choking that Gammorean guard in Jabba’s palace (though it didn’t appear to be fatal to the guard, just a bit of a rough “back off”) If Master Windu caught Luke doing stuff like that, he’d likely rip him a new one.

And another EpIII thought:

The way I interpreted the “Restoring Balance” thing was that in the end, there were two Jedi Masters, two Sith Lords, and two undecided innocents (Luke and Leia) Add to that, after the two Jedi Masters passed on, tossing out Palpatine (Heh, he overthrew the Emporer. Get it?) and in the process dying himself, you once again restore balance by getting rid of the two Sith Lords.

Apparently “balance” to some people means no other side to the coin. So no Sith is somehow balance?

I don’t buy it. Propehcies are not an END. They just foretell events. The return of the Jedi and destruction of the Sith Lords does not negate that for a period of twenty years there were two darksiders and two lightsiders putting things in balance.

It’s a press-slam, Scrivener, or at least close enough to one.*
My take on the issue (besides “hackneyed attempt at shoving too many cliches into a basic plot”) is that Anakin’s inner conflicts and his reactionary resolution of them provided a dramatic and violent example of how repression and needless discipline create the very enemies they were designed to fight.

I don’t think there’d be a Dark Side if the powers that be hadn’t lumped everything they didn’t like into one category, given it a sinister name, and attempted to monopolize the institutional use of the Force. Puritanism breeds rebellion much faster than open exchanges and education.

To be honest, what I never understood was, every time some idiot in a brown robe made with the lecture on guarding emotions and avoiding this or that because it led to the Dark Side, how come nobody asked, “Well, why, exactly?”

*To hear a Star Wars fan get all art-snobby at professional wrestling on a message board is like a Lay’s fan taking out a full-page ad in Food Magazine, decrying Utz chips as inferior cuisine.

Actually, it was some advice Yoda gave Luke that changed everything.

But of course. Although, now that you mention it, the Utz line, for all their interesting flavors, tend to be way too salty for my art-snobby taste. The Lay’s Salt-'n-Vinegar chips are great, though, bringing balance to the force that is the egg-salad-on-whole-wheat sandwich (with a Pepsi on the side). :wink:


That just made my day.