Anal sex: surprisingly tame

Another doper and I were talking today about anal sex. She says it’s not natural. Bull, sez I. “lubbed or not, that orafice isn’t designed to be opend like that” she says.

So have at it. What animals beside humans have anal sex? I’d thought primates did, but maybe I misread or read ULs.

I think you’re going to have to define “natural” here.

Does “natural” mean that the anal orifice evolved as a penis receptor? In that sense, no, I don’t think anal sex is natural.

Or does “natural” simply mean anal sex occurs in nature (outside of humans). I would most certainly think it does, so in that sense, yes, I do think anal sex is natural.

Male rabbits try.
Seen it myself. :slight_smile:

So what? What’s good is good, no matter what.

“Or does “natural” simply mean anal sex occurs in nature (outside of humans). I would most certainly think it does, so in that sense, yes, I do think anal sex is natural.”

This is where I was going. My counterpart was saying it doesn’t occur.

A lady friend and I were talking about the same thing. She says that about 90% of the men she’s had sex with like it. One too much which made her question his latent sexual orientation. About the receiving end, she said that a woman are just more used to being rubbed around that region since the vagina points inward there.

I love sex and indulge in a few fetishes of my own that some may find odd, but bf’ing repulses me. Sticking it in there or getting sticked (ew!) and there are health reasons for not making a habit of, which Cecil has talked about (flaccid sphinctor).

If you do it USE A RUBBER. Even if you don’t the other way. Serious disease spreader, many times more than vaginal I have heard.

I think that it does happen in nature, aside from humans, but I have no cites. Oral sex, too.

As far as being “unnatural” as in “shouldn’t be done” you should bring up oral sex. Personally, I think anal is my favorite kind, when I’m actually in the mood for that whole sex thing.

Has she been personally chatting with the engineers? Even if we accept on faith that it was designed, how does she know for certain what the designer had in mind? I have trouble responding to an argument about the human body when the person I’m debating uses a word like design, due to the implication that some higher inteligence must be involved. She then sets you up to lose this debate right from the getgo by implying that she has inside information into what the designer had in mind.

If her argument is strictly from a practical, design standpoint, then we should look at another sphincter in the body.

 The upper & lower esophageal sphincters are supposed to allow ingested food to pass into the stomach and clamp shut to prevent backwash. But they do naturally respond when the brain feels the need to forcibly evacuate the stomach’s contents. Were they designed to behave this way in order to safeguard our health? Who knows- but they clearly are bidirectional valves. So why not the anal sphincter too?

 The anal sphincter is not strictly an involuntary muscle; you can constrict & relax it at will. We often find it necessary to insert thermometers, enemas, suppositories & fingers through it in the normal course of our lives.

Your friend might just as easily make the claim that, while doctors sometimes find it necessary to stab us in the arm with hypodermic needles, this is unnatural & should be stopped because our skin certainly wasn’t designed to have holes poked into it. Does your friend have her ear lobes pierced, by any chance? Hmmmm??

I could go on, but most of my points will not have much impact on somebody who feels that every part of the human body was made according to some grand blueprint and therefore already has some predetermined and singular function.

The Bonobo’s (one of our closest primate ancestors) have been documented as having oral sex, as well a good number of Kama Sutra moves plus a few of their own. I am not sure of anal sex.

Dang it, I was looking for a thread, from that fellow who claimed to be a Brazillian Porn Mag editor that asked the same questions… really, the exact same questions…

That lead me to the JDT threads, which led to my first response to same… wow.

But what I was saying is, if someone can remember that posters name, the thread should still be there… had cites and everything…

Oh, and there’s like 280-some threads that say anal sex in them in the last 30 days… hehehehe

Roughly 230 views; 10 responses (including this one).

Damn y’all’s some perverts out there!

My two cents.
Vagina in naturaly “designed” to be stimulated by reciprocal friction, usually with penis.
Penis is stimulated by any movement, usually by vaginal wall. Female anorectum to some degree can be stimulated by movement (due to common innervation and because near-by vagina gets stimulated). The penis inside female mouth does not bring any special physical feelig. It is very “turning on” psychologically, though. Physically, having anal intercourse is uncomfortable for normal size penis (due to the tight and forceful anal sphincter), but it’s a psychological “turn on” for the male.
The argument about the original “intent” of the alledged "designer is moot. Was a human nostril designed strictly for breathing or picking it was implied as well? The main (and “intended”) function of the breats is nursing. Is “f*cking” in the cleavage out of the question?

I don’t care if anal sex is “natural” or not.

Fact: the anus is a cozy and warm place. It’s almost like sticking your pecker in a microwave oven. It’s a travel back to the womb. Anal sex rules, and that’s the bottom line.

**An anonymous Doper said:

She says it’s not natural. “lubbed or not, that orafice isn’t designed to be opend like that” she says.**

GROSS WARNING Following contents may cause you to go “ewww! TMI!”

First, the anal sphincter certainly CAN stretch to accomodate a penis and often does. It should be noted that we often pass fecal matter as long and wide as a penis.

If the Anonymous Doper wants to argue for the “it ain’t natural” school, I’d like to point out that, strictly speaking, neither is oral or manual sex. In the strictest sense, you should only have sex by putting penis A into vagina B and pump away until it feels REALLY good; otherwise, you’re not doing it the natural way. And, even then, if you don’t procreate, you’ve done something wrong. After all, sex is meant for pro-creation; if you don’t procreate, you’ve done it wrong.

Uniball, share with us: “your pecker in a micromave oven” feelings. If it’s “almost like”, it must be mighty good. Do you do it often? At what settings? “Travel back to the womb” was probably a figure of speech. We all know your sexuall prowess, but you did not have your erections then, did you?

I don’t mean to disparage here, but if this is the definition we’re using, then any dog owner can testify to the naturalness of humping legs. I’m not saying it’s a bad definition if that’s what you’re looking for. It’s just that it’s a truism in biology that if you can imagine it, there’s a pretty good chance that some animal somewhere is doing it. You just have to look hard enough.

That you would forget to ask Uncle Cecil! His answer? That animals besides humans often do have anal intercourse.

Is there such a thing as a gay animal?

Pun, I recommend you avoid intercourse with this woman.



> The Bonobo’s (one of our closest primate ancestors) have been documented as having oral sex, as well a good number of Kama Sutra moves plus a few of their own. I am not sure of anal sex. <

This is very interesting because the Bonobo is the only primate whose penis approaches the evolution of a human's penis. I've never heard that the Bonobo did all of these sexual things. I'm very curious to know if they engage in anal sex. Actually, I'm sure that there is a lot of good information that would come from studying these guys.

Maybe we could circumsize a test group of bonobos to see if they leave a wet spot :rolleyes: