I know of a 50-year-old woman (or so) from near my hometown with the unfortunate name of Fonda Dix.

Who has the last name “Omosexual?” I would like to meet a person with such name, if one exists.

True: my last company had the same standard naming conventions, and a manager named Barbara Adcock. This situation popped into my head, and I looked her up on the e-mail directory, only the find that the company had sadly granted an exception to the rules for her–she was listed as . I guess they didn’t want e-mails coming from

Better than one of my underaged high school classmates who earned the nickname “Stogie”–the teachers started saying it before the students did!

Is your hometown in Iowa? There was a Fonda Dix (or Dicks, sources differ) who was apparently a star of the state basketball tournament and/or the state’s top scorer back in either 1968 or “the early 1970’s”. So that would place her in the 50-55 age range today. Unfortunately, her glory days preceded the popularity of the Internet, so my Google search doesn’t turn up any reproduced newspaper stories from her prep days, just a bunch of jocular references in “I swear to God this is true” sports columns and message-board threads.

Would you? :smiley:

My company’s old email convention was similar - 1st initial, and the 1st 5 letters of your last name. I had a co-worker whose last name’s first 5 letters were ‘penis.’

Yes, I’ve met him, and heard (from others) that he really does not like being called “Dick”. Oddly, Richard is his second name: his first name is Jack, but he doesn’t go by that name, perhaps because his father’s first name also was Jack.

Even Jack Face sounds like something insulting you would call somebody- like if you said it as one word. “Shut up, jackface.”

I understand your confusion. The name is actually Irish: O’Mosexual.

I was looking in the announcments section of the want ads about a month ago. There was one of those, “I hereby change my name to…” ads. This guy, who was of Indian decent, judging by his long, convoluted last name, was changing his first name from Anal to Nick. Anal probably means something nice in Indian.

'Twould depend on the company, I suppose.

Actually, no. No, it wouldn’t. :slight_smile:

I’ve seen userid’s of “Stoner” on my networks. I’ve also seen a possibility that if the configuration were inverted a “shittle” would appear. I just hope I never get a job at James Madison University, since my real initials would then match the school’s name and no one could ever use them meaningfully.

Not that I know of.

I was rolling on the floor after reading this one.

I love it!

Give me a break. I doubt there’s anyone with the last name of “Oatfelcher” or “Otherfucker.”

My gag is actually a tribute to one of Bart’s phone calls to Moe.

There is an R. Sitch in our local telephone directory.

Nothing compared to someone I heard of called Michael Ichianus, who was getting really tired of the prank calls…