I have been e-corresponding with a very pleasant woman whose email address at work is dictated rigidly by her company as follows: “initial of first name,,” with the name part being a single word.

Unhappily her last name is “Nally” and her first name begins with an “A”–there’s nothing she can do about having all her email come to her anally, either. The company insists that they require that all e-mails comply with the system they’ve devised. (If there were another A. Nally he or she would be “”). There’s another guy named “Ward” whose first name also begins with “A”–it’s less jarring to get an email from “” but it always gives me a start. I always think I’ve won some fabulous prize or distinction when this guy writes to me.

Can anyone come up with a normal-seeming name that would be even worse than “anally”? It may serve as comfort for this poor afflicted woman.

Just offhand:

Francine Uecker (there is a Bob Uecker, after all)

That’s pretty anal.

Paul Enis
Steve Megma
Charles Rotch
Barbara All

Yes, those are all real last names of someone, someplace.

I did know a C. Litynsky; she came close to filling the bill, but AFAIK, she had no problem with the combination.

Maybe I’m just sick.

The much-mocked David Icke, following this scheme, would have the email address

A guy who used to work for one of my company’s joint ventures had to log on to our network every day with the username “bobo”.

I was once waited on by an absolutely charming young woman with the last name McAnally (pronounced MAC-a-nally* - thank Og for small favors - yes, I asked).

At my high school, they used your last name followed by your first initial. My name? Ryan Stone. stoner.

My brother? Daniel.

Most of the guys I went to school with would have loved those addresses, Rysto.
>_> Which probably says a lot about my friends…

Coulda been worse. Your surname might have been Bone.

Then there was the company where the emails were the first two letters of your first name, then your surname. Poor old Andrew Alcock had a miserable time.

And I’ve mentioned it before on these boards, but there’s a politician in my state called Richard Face.

I worked with a guy named F---- Uckert at a company with the same naming convention. IT did make an exception in his case.

Can any phone line plug in or does it have to be high-speed?


Poor Daniel!

I raced to this thread seeing that it was called “anally” and Anastasaeon was the last poster. Needless to say, I was dissapointed.

FWIW, my high school had a F. Ring and a B. In (the latter often giving people pause after 9/11, which occurred in her junior year).

They need to lay a cable.

Steve Melly.

That name came up in our database.
Or should I say it didn’t come up in our database.
The data entry typist naturally thought it was a typo.

Whislt bored at work, I found a gentleman in the database with a user name, effectively, of “aka douche.”

that Brenda Utthead is such a whiner