Anatomical terms

The Thenar Eminence- the title of an evil warlord in a really cheesy science fiction movie

The Olecranon Process- will be the title of Robert Ludlum’s next novel

The Acromion- one of the wonders of the ancient world. Located in Troy, I think

I’m too sleepy to be as creative as yourself right now.

Location: The Islets of Langerhans
How’s the export business these days?

McBurney’s Point: The sequel to Cape Fear.

Circle of Willis - Romantic comedy about a love triangle starring Todd Bridges

Bundle of His: is that a Bundle of His in your heart, or are you…?


From Late august till Mid October the migratory herds of genitalia decend from the mountainous region of Central Africa to trek across the open veldt… :dubious:

Thorax the Barbarian strode though the crowded battlefield, rivers of blood streaming from his weapon, …

The new latino songstress Meninges Pons hails from the small Texas town of Corpus Callosum, where she …

The Carpals and the Tarsals, you know, those barbarians that sacked Greece, killing the Phalanges.


… and so, m’lud, when applying for a writ of orbicularis oris, one must, of course, consider the levator labii superior alaeque nasae of the respondent to the plea …

“Captain,” Spock intoned, “thirty seconds until Solar Plexus…”
Kirk’s eyes widened. “Scotty! We need warp power now!”

In the opposite vein, doesnt “Kessel Run” sound like a body part?

I thought the Tarsels were a group of islands somewhere near The Bosporus and Dardanelles. You know, just west of Borborgamy, and a bit north of Greater and lesser Thalassemia? I could be wrong.

Please remember, only vehicles with two or more occupants and motorcycles are allowed in the carpool lane. This also goes for the Carpal Tunnel. Ba-dum-bum

Could you be thinking of the Erythrocytes? I understand they aren’t as violent as the Macrophages or even the Leukocytes, but they certainly can be pernicious.
I was working on my car yesterday and found the Poikilos Manifold was clogged.
I had to give up and fix lunch. All the regular dishes were dirty, so I had to serve tiny finger sandwiches on the Platelets.
Then my neighbors, Porphyria, and Bilirubin Pericardium, had just picked up his Granuloma from the airport when their Spirochete flew away.
We all went to search the woods for it.
I found a Staghorn Calculus growing just off the path, as well as some Filaria and Frambesia just coming into bloom. The Frambesia looks very similar to the night blooming Treponema. The Filaria was HUGE! There was a bit of Aspergillus, but it was past its prime, so I didn’t pick any.
We searched all the way to all to the Alimentary Canal before we spotted him. He was just sitting calmly on a rusty Golgi Apparatus, eating Lysomes as they fluttered by.
The Neural Pathways followed the canal, so we decided to walk back that way. There were several Kreb’s Cyclists along the way. Boy, I wish I had their energy.
Back at home, I arranged the flowers in a lovely Sella Turcica given me by my aunt, Anacephaly.

Bob can’t remember most of his trip to Jamaica, but he swears to this day he will never touch ganglia again.

Appearing together for one night only in the Excretory Lounge - the song stylings of soul-man Al Groin, and the first lady of soul herself - Miss Urethra Franklin.

In discussing whether Europe should be considered a separate continent, Cecil pointed out that one definition of the term “Europe” was “the westernmost appendage of the Eurasian land mass,” and that the definition sounded suspiciously like “Yul Brenner’s whazoo.”

Oh my gosh. I think you’re my new hero.