ancient grekks who lived in barrels!!!!

who was the ancient greek who lived in a barrel???

Diogenes the Cynic. (Not to be confused with the doper of the same name, who I belive lives in a split-level ranch house.)

Diogenes also used to wander around Athens during the day carrying a lighted lamp, looking for an honest man.

Cunctator, you left out the punchline!

Some Greek Guy: “Diogenes, what in the name of Zeus are you doing?”
Diogenes: “I’m looking for an honest man.”
SGG: "Well…I’m honest.
**Diogenes: ** “LIAR!

(rim shot)

I vaguely remember a story about a bunch of teenagers getting drunk one night and smashing Diogenes’ barrel for fun. When the townspeople find out, they punished the offenders and provided the old grouch with a brand new barrel.

It wasn’t a wooden barrel. It was a huge pot made of clay (I don’t know how they call those). And not all ancient Greeks had a habit of sleeping in huge pots. Diogenis was kinda weird! :wink: