And all that could have been. . .

I’m a huge NIN fan. In fact, I’d go so far as to say that they are my favorite band.

I recently got the DVD “And all that could have been.” I wasn’t all that impressed. I enjoyed “Closure” much more. More behind the scenes stuff.

Anyway, what did y’all think of the newest NIN DVD? And did you have to purchase the corollary CD?

I am not a NIN fan, nor a fan of that kind of music. But I must say I was happy to hear that the NIN guy would do the soundtrack for Doom 3!

He did the soundtrack for quake 1. Which made the game! The music set the atmosphere just right. Quake was the first ever computer game to ‘shit me up’ (not all the time - just when you turn round in what you thought was a quiet monster-free room and find yourself face-to-grenade-launcher with a big monster!). The soundtrack had a lot to do with that.

Overall, I liked the “And All That Could Have Been” DVD, but I didn’t love it. I really would have liked the setlist for that tour to be a little more “Fragile”-heavy (I saw the Self-Destruct tour twice and had my fill of a lot of the older material), so watching the DVD it kind of bores me to hear “Head Like a Hole” for the millionth time.

The visuals were decent, but I almost would have preferred to have the crowd a little more involved. For some reason, I love to see the crowd in live videos because you get to see the energy bouncing back and forth between them and the band. Shows why shows really work sometimes.

I would have liked to have a few more special features (or at least ones that weren’t so damn hard to find), like maybe a track that shows only the backing videos with music or a commentary track with Trent himself. The commentary track could have been really fascinating (like a 2 hour long interview!), but instead they had a commentary for 3 tracks with the guy who did the visuals … why? Who cares?

Like I said, decent, but not stellar. I much preferred the Apoptygma Berzerk “APBL2000” DVD. Now I’m just waiting for the Depeche Mode “One Night in Paris” DVD --coming out in May!


I have the CD but not the DVD. I love the CD and, have played it several times a week since i got it.

The DVD seems to have been created as a record for Trent Reznor only. He spent hours getting things “right” that truly have been lost on the fans. There is no behind the scenes or outtakes as there are on Closure. And not once does Mr. Reznor bother to talk to the crowd, not even an introduction of who is in the band. Plus, no covers! NIN covered “Supernaught” during the tour and it does not appear on the DVD. Not only that, but why release the DVD in two different formats? All this did was cause a lot of confusion.

I’ll tell you what they should have done was release Closure on DVD and just add more material to both the videos and live footage. In a word the new DVD is boring. But there is that acoustic CD that came with the regular CD and that is in fact great. They should have filmed some of the acoustic stuff for inclusion on the DVD like the way The Cure did on their last DVD.

There is not sense of continuity on the DVD. A lot of the shots are spliced together from different shows in the middle of the songs for crying out loud.

I think Trent wasted a lot of time on the minutia of video editing. A lot of contemplation into things that most people don’t even care about. Like I said, it was made by him for him. He should have left the entire job to an actual director that knows how to make things that are interesting.