And baby makes 21...Duggars have 19th baby

She was born by emergency C-section last night. Josie Brooklyn weighs one pound, six ounces, and is in the neonatal unit.

Is this the first c-section for Michelle Duggar?

No, I don’t think so. Maybe her first baby was?

1 pound? Poor baby. I wonder if this is her first preemie?

I happened to see the episode a while back where she went through details of each child, and she has had several c-sections and also VBACS. Some were because of breech babies. I don’t know if she has ever had an emergency section before though, and I don’t think any previous have been this small.

Maybe now she’ll finally give her poor overworked uterus a chance at retirement.

Poor little kid. That’s really premature.

My gosh, that’s small! Poor little babe. Good thoughts and prayers to little Josie…

…and yes, hopefully Mrs. Duggar will get a respite now.

Damn, yeah, time to retire that quiver before the stitching gives out completely.

Not only is she small, but she was only 25 weeks along. Hope she makes it.

I just found another article that claims this is her 4th c-section. That is getting risky. This seems to be due to having gallstones removed but I can only imagine the state her uterus is in after that many c-sections. I wonder if her Dr. is telling her the real risks of having so many babies so close together. I have also read that getting pregnant less than 6-9 months after giving birth ups your risk of preterm labor, and she has done that several times over.

A baby this premature is going to need a lot of care, she is not going to be able to let the older sisters take over the way she has done in the past. There is also risk of developmental delays. I don’t know anyone who has had a preemie like this who was in a hurry to be pregnant again a year later.

She might actually have to finally parent her poor kids instead of just giving birth to them and forcing the older girls to play mommy. One can only hope this is her last baby.

If poor Josie is under 28 weeks she’s facing real long term risks:

They’ll probably claim God gave them a special baby to look after, and if he wants to give them more, she’ll get pregnant again.

I’m all for reproductive rights, but dayum, woman.

I don’t think there is really anything “wrong” with them having as many babies as they want. They are taking care of them, no abuse, etc. It is just so far from my own mindset that I have a hard time with it. With all the risks in her situation, I guess if it were me and I felt the need to parent again, and the ability to be able to parent a special needs child, I would adopt. Is there something about their religion that does not encourage adoption?

It just seems so risky to her own health to keep having babies…I would be afraid of her own health being compromised at some point and then all those kids are without a mom.

I have to admit though, if anyone was ever designed to make babies, it is her. She just seems to breeze right through pregnancy and birth like it ain’t nothin. I wonder how much this will shake her up.

Its like that cave in Utah. They just need to fill the entrance shut with cement.

This woman has gone well past noble mother and well into selfish fool IMO.

Couldn’t have said it better myself! I wonder if this will be a wake-up call for them? (Somehow, unfortunately, I doubt it. . .)

That poor baby! So tiny and premature!

He needs to stay on his side fo the bed for a while.

I wonder how much money you would have to make to support decently a middle class family of 21?

The new baby will probably run up hundreds of thousands of dollars in medical bills as a result of her prematurity.

I don’t think she felt the need to parent again. She was thinking Jordan might be her last and that grandmotherness would be next. She’s had 18 healthy babies; maybe the risks didn’t seem so big.

I’m sure they have health insurance. C’mon. I realize it’s popular to hate on the fundie Duggars, but the facts about this family are clear: they have zero debt, they built their own home over a long period of time so they didn’t require financing, they are very frugal, on and on. I sincerely doubt Mr. and Mrs. Duggar- who for all intents and purposes seem like pretty responsible parents- would pass on health insurance for their 19 children.

If someone wants to start a pool, I will contribute 10 bucks to a tubal ligation or vasectomy.

I wasn’t trying to hate on anyone, and if I came across that way, it wasn’t my intention. I am just trying to wrap my head around just how much money you would have to have, stretching it thin or not.