The Duggars whelp again

Just thought I’d help them media whore a little more.

Hmm. I would imagine that, at this point, all she has to do is stand up as soon as the contractions start and get someone to catch the kid as it falls out.

God, I was going to start a thread about that the other night. I only became aware of the chosen ones about a week ago, when I read the description for their freakshow on TLC. I immediately had two questions- what nutjob religious sect do they belong to, and how long is the mothers hair, the answers being fundamentalist Chrisitian and down to her asshole. What I can’t figure out is if TLC put that out as “look at good Chrisitians” or “look at the pathetic nutjobs”- hopefully the latter. This woman has been pregnant now I think for 95% of her adult life. And who the hell outside of Springfield or the 17th Century names thier kid Jedediah?

To quote Molly Shannons stand-up character “Don’t even get me started” :slight_smile:

My maternal grandmother was one of twelve children. As her father explained it, “That train comes by everyday at four in the morning. That’s too early to get up, but too late to go back to sleep.” As a consequence, my mom has over one hundred first cousins.

Mind, that was the better part of a century ago.

Here’s a scathingly funny article about the clan.

Well, my mother is one of 11, and she had seven kids in 6 years (two sets of twins, one set died). She only stopped with me because she had uterine cancer while she was carrying me. SHe had me and a hysterectomy. She always said she intended to have kids right up to the last minute - she just didn’t think 29 would be the last minute. As long as they aren’t expecting the taxpayers to support them, I say have as many children as you want.


Damn, people! It’s a vagina, not a clown car ferchrissakes!

What gets me is

Someone should take him aside and explain how these things happen. And lemme tell you, when I was a kid, I got Parcheesi three years running for my birthday. Not a whole lot of fun by the third time.
Can’t God come up with some other gifts once in awhile? A nice gift card, perhaps?

At least they finally thought of the name Jennifer. I mean, the first girl J names I think of are Jennifer, Jessica, Joan…

But no, they need a Jessa and a Janna and a damn Jinger! And are Joy-anna and Johannah even two different names, really?

They are nuts.

The “gift” quote makes it seem like he really doesn’t know that pregnancy results from sex. We all know from Radical Christianity 101 that he ain’t wearing a condom, but (serious question here)- does a guy like him not believe in, whaddaycallit, pulling out, either?

I find them bizarre to be sure, and it’s definitely not a mindset I understand at all. But I just can’t raise the ire against them. I am incredulous when I see bits of their show, but I get more upset about people that just plain don’t care about their kids. There are a lot more unhappy kids out there than the ones in this family. They are more a curiosity to me. From what I can tell, they are self-sufficient, not on government assistance, and seemingly good kids, not running around breaking the law or causing mayhem. Heck, they don’t even stress the public school system.

Meh. I kind of view them the way I view the Amish or something. Doing their own thing, they have beliefs I don’t understand but they are not really harming anyone. I doubt this is a trend that is going to catch on.

I believe you mean “the rythym method”

I feel sorry for the kids. Do any of them every get any personal attention from their parents? Or does mom just pop out another one and hand it off the the next oldest in line, and let the older ones raise the younger ones?

To their credit, they are self supporting. But what will those kids come out of there knowing? I somehow don’t see the girls having the option to go on to school.

Wow, that totally summed up everything that I thought of when I forced to watch the TLC special.

100%. A+.

I suggest they call the inevitable 18th “Justuseafuckingcondom.”

That way that poor brood mare could work in a little practice saying “Duggar, Justuseafuckingcondom” when she calls the roll for their “The Age Of Reason Was a Really Bad Idea, Actually”-centric home-school. You know, just to see how it rolls off the tongue.

I’m pretty sure he does. It’s a mandatory turn of phrase when you’re hyper-religious; everything’s a gift from God.

I believe the condom thing is a Catholic hangup. I don’t think most Protestant sects are opposed to doobs. Believe me, the Duggars aren’t Catholic, and probably don’t consider Catholics to be fellow Christians.

Some thoughts:

A.) I bet he loved the movie Idiocracy as it essentially made the same point.

B.) “brood of cookie-cutter Christian kidbots” I don’t think I have to say it, you know what I’m thinking.

C.) " If God wanted you to have a massive pile of children, she’d have given your uterus a hydraulic pump and a revolving door. Stop it now." That’s the funniest thing I’ve read in days.

D.) I wonder if when she get’s older, people will refer to her as “the crazy kid lady”? Since she’s intent on collecting children like nutters collect cats.

Not to mention Cyril M. Kornbluth’s The Marching Morons, which made the same point in the early fifties, albeit with a few less poop jokes. :slight_smile:

What bothers me is that in that article, they’re already all excited about the NEXT one. How about you enjoy the poor child you just had? Obviously, the most attention she’ll ever get is inside of Ma Duggar’s womb since your focus is apparently on #18 already. :rolleyes:

I believe he means withdrawal, which doesn’t work all that well. The rhythm method is another unreliable contraceptive method involving counting the days after menstruation to decide whether or not you’re fertile.

It’s interesting that they don’t NFP/FAM at all. (A generally approved even by highly religious people method for pinpointing ovulation. and avoiding pregnancy. Works about 95% of the time or higher)
I’m split, with about forty percent, “Well, they can support them, and the kids don’t seem like they’re horribly damaged”, and sixty percent, “Their child-rearing techniques look kind of horrible (the buddy system), the food doesn’t look very nutritious, and the idea of being pregnant for ten years personally makes me want to curl up and die”.

If I was #18, I’d grab on to her uterus and not let go. Nutritious food, quiet time, it’s alot better then what’s awaiting you once you pop out.