And, in other news... (Sarah Palin has a new show)

Guess what star of busted presidential bids and email exchanges is now getting her own reality show? (Well, her second reality show.) She’ll theoretically be a judge on the order of Judge Judy, only she’s never come within breathing distance of a law degree. Yes, that’s right, the TV programming channels are being dumbed down even more. (If you haven’t guessed by now, I’m referring to Sarah Palin.)

She’ll decide on such weighty questions as how far over the horizon you really can see unaided, which is the longest-lasting lipstick, and how great a guy future President Trump is.

Not a joke. (OK, the previous paragraph was…sort of.) I couldn’t make this shit up.

More Cafe Society, really.

Off we go.

ETA: Title also edited for clarity.

Donald Trump, Sarah Palin, Kartrashians.

It’s the trifecta of attention whoring!

Just when you think it cannot be worst, IT’S WORSE !

It was funny at first. Now it’s just…disturbing.

What the hell is going on down there?

Probably all the lead in our water.

Sarah Palin is still alive? :rolleyes:

You know, I’d probably watch it once, (or part of one show anyway) for shits and giggles. Then I would forbid it to be on any TV in the house. Life’s too short.

Ow My Balls!

According to USA Today, she has signed a deal with a Montana production company (Montana is where all the connected media companies operate, you know) but has yet to make a pilot or find any TV stations to carry it. They’re still working on that.

So it’s destine to air at 3AM on Monday morning and compete with infomercials like “lose belly fat without fear.” Should be a hit in that slot.

I’m looking forward to her down-home folksy sayings used to attack the parties.

“Paging Tina Fey. Miss Tina Fey, please.” :smiley:

It’ll probably wind up as a paid streaming program like her other “Sarah Palin Channel”.

Last night Jimmy Fallon pointed out that she probably just wants some legal experience before President Trump nominates her to the Supreme Court!

Tiresome fucking woman remains tiresome. Yawn.

Correction: “paid steaming pile”

Sorry, my bad.

I understand the deal is she and that production company are working together on making a Judge Judy type program. It’s probably a vanity production. The goal is to eventually make a pilot which they’ll shop around.

The pilot program; “The Impeachment Trial of Barack Obama”. She will be the chief justice, without the fringe if you please.

A perfect gig for the lady who stumbled over, “Apart from Roe v. Wade, name any other Supreme Court decision you disagree with.”