Sarah Palin's career options have opened up.

Okay. We now know she will not be Vice President of The United States.

What is next for her? Possible job options welcome. Be creative.

  1. Talk show hostess.
  2. Book author.
  3. Person incarcerated by the Alaska Penal System.
  4. Private person.
  5. Governor.
    6 ?



Not to be, well, *too *disrespectful, but I’m kind of hoping for “Playboy Centerfold”.

“Tonight on ABC Family…Sarah Palin stars as a very special mom who uses laughs and love to keep it real while running her family…and the nation! Your gonna love Sarah as President Mom, only on ABC Family!”

Who’s Nailin Paylin, only this time with the REAL Sarah Palin :wink:



She and Elizabeth Hasselback can get their own show on Fox where they talk about politics. It will be 30 minutes of lots of talking with no one actually saying anything.

No, too disrespectful to be hoping for would be “Busiest and Most Impressively, Indeed, Unimaginably Industrious and Inventive Waterfront Whore In Anchorage,” which I’m respectfully hoping for.

Very respectfully.

How would that be any different from the remaining 23 hours and 30 minutes?


How long has she got left as Governor?

Then, depending on how Alaska went, maybe Congress.

Naw, just kiddin’.

Reality TV host, definitely. “The Alaska Life.”

Yeah, porn starlet would be a step up from where she’s been lately.

It’s wouldn’t be any different, it’s still Fox News.

In the remaining 23 hours and 30 minutes they sometimes talk about football, and even, occasionally, When Animals Attack :wink:

Naughty Naked Governors Are Wet For Hard Cock! Dial 0900 PALIN

Co-host for The View.
New roommate for Rosie O’Donald.
Border Guard for the U.S. Mexico border.
Spokesperson for Eyemart Express.
Sandra Dee for the musical Grease.
Host of the new Christian teen show Pal’n with Palin

How about the illustrious job of Frostbite Victim?

Oh, and speaking of career options, David Plouffe has a nice little bullet point to add to his resume, eh?

I’d rather watch parrots talk back and forth.

She’ll replace Howie Mandell on “Deal or No Deal”. “You betcha!”