And it finally gets me!

I had a mild “cold” that lasted a few days, went away, and then came back. It was the “went away and came back” thing that made me think I had it.

I tried to enroll in some COVID antibody studies but was never qualified.

That’s the one I was given. I’m always amused that all the articles cite this by its generic name, but Paxlovid by the brand name (to be fair, Pax is 2 meds in one).

I had no rebound from it. It’s not used as much, so maybe there just isn’t much reporting on the topic; hell, the ER doc had never even heard of it, which frankly baffled me. On the other hand, he DID refer me for monoclonal antibodies, which may have suppressed any attempt at rebound on my part.

Odd, current recommendations are to NOT use monoclonal antibodies due to their ineffectiveness against the omicron variants that are the usual culprit in current infections.

Also, molnupiravir is not currently favored to due a lack of evidence for it reducing hospitalization or death.

If paxlovid is not available or is contraindicated, remdesivir is the current recommended option.

The above info is from, a site specializing in providing the latest in current medical recommendations, based on the available evidence.

This was last September, so things may well have changed since then - treatment options are evolving practically every day!

The molnupiravir definitely showed as less effective even back then per the studies, which was why I tried arguing for Paxlovid. But the practice I went to for primary care had an algorithm, and they basically refused to discuss my specific situation (I’d been noted as having some degree of fatty liver, years before, on an ultrasound for unrelated reasons). If my primary care doctor had been reachable, she might have written the Pax, but she was literally out of the country.

In any case, whatever the reason (vax/boosted, antiviral, mAbs), I had a fairly mild case. Barely spiked a fever (maybe 101 for an hour or two). Coughing all in all no worse than a normal cold. Asthma flare, ditto. Fatigue maybe a bit worse, but I always feel tired for other reasons - as I told them when they asked, “Maybe, but how can I tell?”. And the anosmia lasted just long enough to be entertaining before resolving completely.

I’m glad it was fairly mild for you. Mine was too, possibly due to paxlovid and being fully vaxxed. My sense of smell was not real good before covid, and that hasn’t changed much after covid.