"And it's goodnight from him", RIP Ronnie Corbett

Here he is, at the top of his game.

Loved On The Buses and The Two Ronnies when I was a kid. RIP Ronnie

I knew that would be the link. Great stuff, RIP.

As an American, I didn’t recognize the name, so I Googled to see a photo. I’m pretty sure I’ve seen him on The Graham Norton Show, as one of the guests less familiar to Americans.

I guess you’re just lumping together two UK shows, as I couldn’t place Ronnie Corbett as being in “On The Buses”. PBS on NY Tri-State area in the 1970s/1980 would play many different “Brit-Coms”, including “The Two Ronnies”. Shows would come and go as licensing agreements changed, but I caught a lot of them - and nowadays many others that didn’t get aired around here at the time (like On The Buses, Fools and Horses, and so on) can be found on-line.

That said, I under the choice of Fork Handles, but to me Ronnie Corbrett on the Two Ronnies means Mr. Corbrett in his comfy chair relating a “humorous” story, with the hilarity actually provided by his many digressions, observations, and non-sequiturs on his journey to the punch-line…

Sad to hear he’s gone.

Here he is on Would I Lie To You not too long ago.

Another USA-er who didn’t recognize the name, but knew who you were talking about when the shows were mentioned. I had lots of laughs watching him on PBS.

RIP, sir.

He also did some very good monologues.

Oh, this is sad news. God bless the little fella.
So now there are no Ronnies left.
The Telegraph is reporting that he would have been knighted in the Queen’s birthday honours.

That’s a super link, Mahaloth. Now that Ronnie is gone, will Rob Brydon have to stop doing his imitation of him?