And now help a guy shave his body.

Well over here in this thread I asked about shaving for swimming. I’ve decided to do it myself just to see. I’ve never shaved before, except my face, so what do I need to know. I plan on doing my entire body except for my head and ummm, down there.

For the record the majority of my hair is around 3/4" to 1". Should I get a clipper and shave off as much as possible, then take the razor to myself :eek: or should I just get a bunch of razors and dull them all out? Should I do it in the bathtub where all my hair will clog the drain, or should I stand outside in the cold and shave? Do I go with the grain or against? (I know usually you go with, but when I got my tattoo they shaved against.) Should I pay someone to do it?

And no I’m not bringing razors to Dopeaween, there is no way I’m gonna let you guys try new things with razors on me. You will however be able to see the results, maybe, if I decide to do it.

I used to shave my legs when I was doing the road-bike racing thing in college.

I didn’t bother with a clipper, I just bought an extra blade or two for the initial shave and went to town. The first time will take a while, and afterwards the bathtub will look like someone’s been butchering beavers. But subsequent touch-ups will be much quicker.

Never had a problem with clogging the bathtub.

Depends on how hairy you are. It’s probably easier to use clippers first, and be careful around your nipples! You may find it easier to use a cream or wax strips.

If you’re really hairy then you’ll have to get a friend/professional to do your back. (I’ve heard that back/crack/sack wax is quite common in salons)

How 'bout Nads?


Sounds like this is the technique you need to adopt … but you may need some help from a friend. :wink:


You should find someone with a shaving fetish; share the joy. I’ll be right over.

Umm… I’m pretty sure no one is going to try and make a sweater out of me. Though if someone wants to try…

Oh and brainfizz, I don’t need to do my crack/sack as that will be covered. That’ll be the only thing covered but they will be tucked away.

If you get a bear trimmer, that should be enough to remove the bulk. Trim (with the saftey shield on but at its shortest setting) while in a dry bath tub. Then collect up the hair in paper towels and flush down the toilet. Next have a hot bath with bath stuff for dry skin. Using the best rasor you can (I swear by Mach 3) you will be able to shave legs, chest, arms, ass, and family jewels. You may need help shaving your back though unless you are extremely flexible. (Note when shaving the family jewels, stretch the skin flat with the other hand whilst applying the blade. For nipples shave arround not over them).
Allways rinse the razor in the bath water between strokes.
I have in my time shaved everywhere but the top of my head, and I find the most difficult part of the human body to shave is arround the mouth, where most men shave every flippin day (go figure). After the bath dry off thoughly, and use liberal amounts of dry skin cream all over.

hmm… don’t think he’s that hairy!

:eek: I’m not hunting bears!

I am not, repeat not shaving the family jewels. I need to keep some hair. That and I don’t think the hair there will create that much drag, my package on the other hand…

Not a bear trimmer, a beard trimmer (though the typo makes me chuckle)

That is one hilarious typo. I was trying to visualize a hairless bear. I mean, how would you know if it was a brown bear, a black bear, or a polar bear? The mind boggles.

I used to shave for swimming (at least for the big meets). I never trimmed first. Shaved in the tub with lots of shaving cream/lotion gel/soap. Shaving around the knees and the ankles was the worst, as most women will attest I’m sure. It took awhile (an hour or so).

There was a theory back then that you shouldn’t shave the hair on the undersides of your forearms. Supposedly the hair there helped “grip” the water and shaving it would reduce the efficiency of the underwater portion of the stroke. Whatever.

Have fun.

Well if bears are anything like cats, the skintone will differ to match the fur (didn’t Cecil tackle this once?).

Why oh why does reading this thread keep bringing this page to mind? :smiley:


Get real close and look at the color of the stubble?

Disclaimer: Don’t really do this, obviously, as bare bears are usually itching for a fight.

Can I come and film it? For the site?

I didn’t get to film it, but several photos were taken at Dope-A-Ween… and since Edward_the_Head ended up IN HIS UNDERWEAR at one point, there was ample opportunity to see his shaved bod ;D <<–photos! :smiley: