Head shaving poll

I’ve been shaving my head for a couple two or three years now, and I have some questions for those of you gentlemen (and ladies?) who do the same:

1 - Do you prefer to shave your head in the shower, or at the bathroom sink in front of the mirror?

2 - What’s your preferred razor?

3 - Why do you shave your head?
For me:

1 - I shave in the shower. My head seems to stay warmer and more moist in the shower, compared to doing it at the sink.

2 - The Gillette Mach 3 is without a doubt the best razor for head-shaving. Gillette’s competitor, Schick, just hasn’t gotten it right yet, with either the XTreme3 or the Quattro, the the Quattro is the better of the two Schicks.

3 - I shave my head for two reasons: First, I really like the way it looks on me. Second, it, um kinda camoflages my natural hair loss…

  1. When I shaved my head, I used to do it in the bathroom in front of the mirror. I had a mirror hung up on the wall opposite the large mirror over the sink. I tilted it at an angle so I could effectively see the back of my head too.

  2. I used a set of generic electric clippers for the first pass, and then a disposable bic to get it smooth.

  3. I only shaved the bottom half of my head, partly because I liked the way it looked but mostly because I liked the way it felt. And it reduced the amount of hair I had to figure out how to style :slight_smile:

I have not done this for a long time. I used scissors that shorten it, then three packs of disposable BICs. Of course now I have long hair again and prefer it

  1. Shave at the sink, use a hand mirror to see the back. Took a while to learn the strokes when I first started a little over two years ago.
  2. Mach 3, no others need apply. One blade lasts about week and a half with daily shaves.
  3. Hi Opal (first time!!)
  4. I only have about two inches of hair above my ears. I spent two years growing a geezer tail that never progressed beyond pathetic, so finally at my children’s urging, I went to full a full head of chrome. With a full beard below my ears, I think it is the best look I’ve ever had and my wife loves it.

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Cajun Man ~ SDMB Moderator

  1. I shave in the shower, I don’t need a mirror, I just keep shaving until I can’t feel any nubbies on my head.

  2. Gillette Mach 3 and only Gillette Mach 3.

  3. I am pretty close to bald anyway.

Mmmmm, sexy bald guys!
Sorry, that was about all I had to add to this thread. Carry on :slight_smile:

The one and only time I shaved my head was at summer camp (I was the drama director, go fig). We tried to just buzz it on a “1” but the cover got jammed so we did it without the cover on the electric shaver. No, I never “bic-ed” it but every now and again I miss the ease of care a buzz cut offers.

Thanks, Cajun Man - I wasn’t aware of that.

Haywood - I’m the same way. I do it completely by feel. And the Mach 3 feels so smooth - it literally glides across my scalp. The Schick razors feel like ice scrapers.

Phase42 waggles his eyebrows at lauramarlane.

Here’s me with my shaved head:


In front of the sink or sitting at the computer.

Norelco electric, I find that my blade does not do as good a job on the back and sides. I do use a Mach III Turbo on my face though.

I have been cutting my own hair for about a year. Then one October evening I decided to save time and cut my hair then, after drinking several beers. The next morning I realized the only thing I could do was shave it all and start over. However, I must admit I like it, so I keep shaving. Also, I really like the feeling of a cool pillow on my nekkid noggin at night.

I used to shave my head every year for rugby season. A friend of mine had some clippers so we used to run an extension cord out the window and just do it on the lawn, easier to clean up that way.

Great low maintenance hair cut.

1.) shave at the sink. (gotta have that mirror!)

2.) Xtreme3

3.) same as the OP.

Thank GAWD I can pull the whole bald thing off and still look good!
Ironicaly, even if the magical Hair Fairy were to come down and bless me wwith a full head of hair again; I’d STILL shave it bald! I don’t think people with hair realize how freeing it is not to have to worry about that stuff. (as far as maintnence shampoo and what not.)

Plus it’s always cool when the ladies come up to you and ask if they can rub your head.:smiley:

see? even my smilie is bald…

heh I used to have shoulder-length hair. Then one day a friend was taking pictures of me, and he got a shot from behind. I suddenly realized just how ridiculous long hair looks with a big bald spot.

So at first, I just cut it short. Then a bit shorter, and then finally shaved it.

I sat on a chair in the bathroom while one of my housemates wheeled the razor. Then I would return the favor for her. We would also use shaving cream.

A Lady Schick (at least I think it was a Lady Schick – it was pink that much I remember) The initial shave was done at the salon and they used an electric razor.
One of my friends was going through Chemo, if she didn’t have hair none of us were going to have hair.

Right back at you, Phase! Nice picture! I keep trying to talk my SO into shaving it all off, but he’s reluctant. Oh well, even partially bald guys are sexy!

I’ve been shaving my head since June 2001, every four to ten days (any more frequent, and ingrown hairs attack). I figure that when I’m 97, I’ll slow down, and feel like growing it out again.

  1. I shave at the bathroom sink, in front of the mirror. I like to see the hair coming off.

  2. Mach 3 is amazing! I started with Atras and other double-blades, but now I’m hooked on the Mach 3. (I tried the HeadBlade, but couldn’t get the hang of pushing the razor, rather than pulling; it made me too nervous.) That and a good unscented gel, and I’m blissfully bald!

  3. I’d been cutting my hair shorter and shorter over the past 20 years, so, once I got to the lowest blade on the personal hedgetrimmer, shaving seemed like a reasonable possibility. Then I got involved with Soren, who shaves his head, and loves me with short hair, and thought I’d try it one day. It’s just a wonderful sensual experience, and looks good on me.

(Aside: we’re an interracial couple, and it makes it easier, in some ways, to deal with people. Instead of race – or height difference – being the first thing people notice about us, it’s that we’re from The Planet of Big Eyed Happy Bald People:

I keep explaining to people that one of the reasons I shave is because I’m lazy. It takes me twenty minutes to shave, every four days. Then, till the next time, it’s shower, moisturizer on face and scalp (particularly in winter, a little moisturizer on the scalp is a lifesaver), and I’m ready to go.

Well, putting clothes on before going out, of course. Don’t have to buy shampoo, conditioner, mousse, gel, combs, brushes, bobby pins, headbands… Do have to buy hats and scarves for the winter, though. and have to be a tad more careful not to get itchy ones.

I had long hair for a while and just got bored with it…

Mach three is the way to go for head shaving.

I’m growing it long again at the S.O.'s request though.

I asked my husband the three questions:

  1. Bathroom sink, in front of the mirror.

  2. Mach 3

  3. “Chicks dig it.”

  1. In the shower.

  2. Mach 3.

  3. Ease of use.

If I could be permitted to add a fourth question, inspired by Phase and WW’s pictures: How many of the guys with shorn heads also sport a goatee or other form of facial hair? I do, and I notice that the men in the two pictures above do, as well.