And now: Purpura- this getting old sucks

Found a quarter sized area on my arm with 3 very dark spots on it. Like overnite. So off to the dermatologist who said “oh, just purpura.” (blood spots or skin hemorrages on the skin) I since have had more, and now 2 on my index finger. Age seems to be the cause?

My husband gets these, too, on his forearms. They spring up overnight and don’t seem to be caused by any trauma.

But if he does happen to bang his arm on something, he’ll get a doozy of a one the next day. They don’t look like normal bruises - they’re a dark burgundy color with a sharply defined edges.

Had a bout of purpura as a child, following the 3-day measles. I was told it often piggybacks onto a previous illness. Mine resolved itself and disappeared in about 6 weeks, but as an active child, I spent those 6 weeks looking like the victim of a serious beating. Strangers would give my parents the side eye.

And most references on the Internet will say it is caused by drinking too much. Yet I get them, my father got them (he was a teetotaller ) and he said my grandfather had the same problem. He blamed it on having Celtic skin in Australia. MY grandfather popped his clogs at 88 and Dad almost made 90.