And now the lies start with Arnold

Schwarzeneggar was asked how he came to register/be a Republican and he answered that he came to the decision after watching the Nixon/McGovern debates in 1972.

That’s really great except for one teeny, tiny little problem.

There were no Presidential debates in 1972.

Granted it’s not quite up there with President Reagan’s lying about a Congressional Medal of Honor winner, but it’s on the list.

Do you have a cite for Schwarzenegger’s error?


Nixon was re-elected in 1972 running against McGovern. How could there not have been debates that year?

::reads Reeder’s cite::


Allow me to clarify my prior request for a cite. I wasn’t asking for a cite regarding the absence of debates in the 1972 Presidential elections (although that was nice of you to do that, Reeder), but for a cite of Schwarzenegger committing this error.

When NPR ran the report this morning it was about the Nixon/Humphrey debate as I recall.

Apparently it was Humphrey…,0,5608433.story?coll=ktla-home-1

I would be hesitant to call this a ‘lie’. What do you suppose Arnold has to gain from his poor recollection? We all mix things up at times. I am a true Liberal and I have trouble stretching my cynicism that far.

Where’s the cite for Arnold saying it was McGovern?

Austria is a socialist country? By California standards, maybe.

If I were feeling uncharitable, I’d venture to say that such an assertion might go some ways to establishing an image of someone who’s been paying close attention to American politics for more than thirty years, which may not be the impression a member of the voting public is likely to receive based on a casual screening of Hercules in New York.

That being said, I can’t remember a time when I didn’t think of Arnie as a no-necked, reactionary, republican stooge, so I think it’s only fair to extend the benefit of the doubt to him here.

Geez, if your going to attack Schwartzenegger, at least have the decency to attack his voting record, or his stand on prop 187 (especially since he is an immigrant), or his lack of leadership roles in public life. This is just plain stupid.

No, it’s a valid critique if, in the opinion of the listener, he was using the quote to establish his bona fides in the political arena.

But if he just misspoke then you’re right, it’s time to move on.

Please, please don’t pick on Arnie, we need him, anybody, even Jeffery Dahlmer. YOU HEAR THIS GOV DAVIS!!! OJ could beat you!! Ivna the Terrible could beat you. You are a brainless dolt. My vehicle registration fees went from 135 per year to 418 per year thanks to Gov Davis. How bright is that when you are facing a recall? Not too very…
::Thank you, I’m composing myself now::

Okay, It has nothing to do with voting for anyone, seriously, it is all about voting against someone. We are so tired of seeing this wanna-be-male governor telling us he is a “Tiger” on television. <<NOT>> Please leave Arnold alone, We need him, we need anyone. Anybody with an intellect driven by more than his single brain cell.
::Sorry, did it again, it is really hard to remain rational in this::

Arnold, lie all you want to, we can’t understand a word you say anyway. Just come be our governor, and while your at it, Gray Davis said you’re a wuss, and that you were too much of a pansy to do anything about it? Is that true?

From Arnie’s own website:

BogieBlanca should pony up cite if he/she/it will be accusing Arnold of lying.

Presidential debates started in 1960, but for some reason, there were no more debates until 1976.

Well, then. He couldn’t have been listening, could he?

Although, from Brutus’s cite, Arnie didn’t claim he learned that stuff from listening to the presidential debate, just from listening to the presidential campaign. So, he could be talking about the things the candidates said over the course of it.

Just goes to show how far some politically insecure people will go to score some cheap points for their side. What’s next… Arnie says he had bacon and eggs for breakfast, and ya scream and rant when it turns out that he, in fact, had sausage and eggs?

All in favor of turning this into a bogieblanca-bashing thread, say “aye.”

This thread, from the get-go, was absurd. Even if Ahnold had said was bogie claimed he said, which apparently he didn’t, so fucking what? He would have made an error in his recollection of an event 35 years ago, proper recollection of which would have no bearing on his campaign nor his qualifications (or lack thereof) to be governor.

Fer chrissakes, bogie, if you are going to take a page from Rush, Ollie, and their ilk, at least make a baseless attack on your ideological enemy that actually has some meat on it. This was just pathetic.