And now win10 gives me problems. Or is it?

The line up -

Win 10 desktop
Win 10 laptop
Android Cell phone
Verizon MIFI wireless

I have a MIFI wireless hotspot. Little piece of hardware about the size of a cell phone. All it does is provide wifi.

This unit works well with both my laptop and phone.

It did work with my desktop… Until I upgraded it to Win 10. Now, the desktop does see it, and connects to it, but the desktop does not have internet connectivity through it. While right next to it on my laptop, I’m connected and it does have internet.

Some setting on the desktop I’m missing?
I have reinstalled the wireless software for win10 on the desktop. It’s using an antenna plugged into a usb port. It did work before win10.

It could be the update - or any update.

I’ve had similar problems with Windows Update breaking my wireless adaptor every once in a while - it’s weird - I get ‘no internet connection’, even through the wireless itself is connected - I can work around it by disabling, then re-enabling the adaptor - and I can resolve it by doing system restore to a point before the update, then manually reapplying the update (seems only automatic updates break it). It’s been happening to me ever since Windows 8, all through 8.1 and now with 10.

Apparently this is a common problem with my wireless chipset (Ralink). I just bought a new wireless adaptor, as I’m sick of dealing with the issue.

Yeah. I only have a 250 MB download allowance in a 24 hour period for my hughes satellite. Win updates are eating that all up.

I have turned off the ‘sharing’ to the internet, so win can’t use my system as a server to upload and download to others.

I’m on Verizon to post this. But it’s nearly a twitchy as the satellite dish.

Perhaps their will be an update to fix this. Sort of a catch 22.

Yikes. I would not have upgraded to Windows 10 under those circumstances, given that there is a semi-annual 4 GB update that is eventually forced on you. You’d better set your account to a metered connection, to avoid the other updates.

Given your low download cap and your Wi-fi problems, I actually suggest reverting. Windows 7 updates are relatively small.


I guess, to be able to set a metered connection on my desktop, I need to pull it out of the loop and only connect it with wifi. Not directly as it is now. Not sure how that is going to work with the Hughes sat dish. I suspect it can be done.

To set a metered connection, it can’t be Ethernet.

I was able to set a metered connection on my wifi laptop. I think. (I enabled a Verizon wifi hotspot a few months ago with the intent of getting rid of Hughes Sat dish. Verizon is… sort of useable)