And on to the next - Batman Returns (spoilers, of course)

As you can tell, I’m working through the older Batman movies. I saw Batman Begins the other day, but I still want to finish up the older ones as well since I’ve never seen them.

This was inherently sillier than the first one, but I still enjoyed it. First of all, I should point out that penguins are my absolute favorite critter ever, so every scene with a penguin whether real or animatronic (sp?) I loved. Penguins with rockets? Love it!

Christopher Walken did a superb job as usual. I didn’t actually think he was entirely a bastard, he did turn himself over to the Penguin instead of his son. And besides, it’s Christopher Walken! Even bad, he’s good.

I didn’t like the whole “frame Batman and make him look like the guilty party” it’s a plot that’s been done to death.
And we won’t even talk about how Catwoman mysteriously learned judo and martial arts.

The sexual chemistry between the two of them, though, was great. I was pretty impressed, I didn’t think they would have said some of the things they did. At the costume party, when they’re dancing very close:
Bruce Wayne: “No hard feelings?”
Selina: “Semi-hard, I think.”
Anyway their interaction was very hot and I approve wholeheartedly. :cool: I understood her having to (sort of) die at the end, though.

I do have a couple of questions, though. Is this how Catwoman really came about in the comics? Also, was she always a semi-ally of Batman?

Some origins of Catwoman

All the villains have at least 8 or 80 different histories… I believe though that Selina generally began as a regular cat burglar with a sense for the dramatic. Nothing so magical as in the movie.

The semi-relationship between the two of them is in the comics though. Selina is one of the few women who would be his equal, and I believe for a while even tried switching over to the light side of the force (but couldn’t get into it.)