Return to the Batcave

Yes, I watched the whole thing.

Wanna make something of it?

I can’t believe Yvonne Craig/Batgirl only appeared in one scene! And Julie Newmar/Catwoman wasn’t in much more.

I watched it as well, funny movie. Although I think there must have been a better Adam West look-alike somewhere in the world.
and your right, Batgirl should have been in more than 2 scenes, she was my favorite character

I watched it too. The actor playing Burt Ward was about dead on in looks. But the Adam West guy? Feh.

It was hysterical! I enjoyed the self-consciously campy tone and the lewd double-entendres in the dialogue. In addition, while the actor playing the 1960s Adam West did not resemble him in the slightest, he was still a big, muscular hunk o’man. Woof!

The direction was as sluggish as Burt Ward’s ass. The directors and editors on the original Batman series knew how to keep things snapping.

I thought the guy who played Adam West looked and sounded much like Peter Krause, from Sports Night and Six Feet Under.

I wanted to see more Amy Acker. And that whole bit about Burt Ward’s package being too big implied, to me, that Burt Ward had script approval.

and turned off 10 minutes later after the Batdance.

Only strapped down & with the Clockwork Orange lid-clamps could I watch that L

The pacing was off and I was disappointed with the casting. Couldn’t they have found a decent Burgess Meredith impersonator somewhere? On the other hand, Adam West’s portrayal of Adam West was perfect. Overall, it was better than it could have been.

Batgirl was a failed attempt to boost ratings after the series had run its course, so it was fitting that not much time was spent on her character, although I wouldn’t have complained if we had seen a bit more of her.

Maybe the Adam West “lookalike” was how West saw himself, because I remember Batman having a bit of a paunch.

“Let’s take my car. It’s been established.”

That line was one of the few funny lines by the geratric duo.

Uneven to say the least. The 60s look back was amusing and interesting but the Modern West/Ward story was a bit lame. I mean what was with the stupid fight scene, dumb mystery and muted Lyle Wagner narration? not even close to the energy Dosier put into his original narration.

And man does Gorshin look bad… Newmar looked like her body was still in pretty good shape but her apple doll head seemed out of place.

I’ll give it a 5 and yes I watched to the end.
And it was interesting to see the Lyle Wagner Tests
“Let’s take my car. It’s been established”… damn that was one of the more clever lines I’ve heard in a while.

Julie Newmar is 69 years old, so I think she is doing OK. Frank Gorshin is about the same age (68), but he hasn’t had the advantage of starting out with Julie Newmar’s original factory equipment.

And Newmar also had a baby in her late 40s (apparently the old-fashioned way).

[added trivia]Gorshin appeared on “Ed Sullivan” doing impressions, the same day the Beatles made their American debut in 1964. [/added trivia]

I thought Adam West looked pretty good for a man who’s about to turn 75. I find it hard to believe that he’s older than my father would be (excepting that my father is dead, so by default Adam West looks better)

Oh, I thought it was fun.

“This is a job for… actors!”

I was kinda hoping for a few more cameos from surviving cast members though. Like Yvonne Craig and Eartha Kitt.

Oo! Like Julie Newmar and Earth getting into a “catfight” over who is the quintessential Catwoman. That would’ve been cool!

Earth Kitt is 76 years old and Julie Newmar is 69. Unless you think the sound of hip bones snapping is cool, your fantasy is about 35 years too late, old chum.

I agree about the cameos, though. Although I realize that out of the “big 4” villains only the actors who played Riddler and Catwoman are still around, but couldn’t they have gotten any of the other guest villains to drop by? Jill St. John maybe?

And if it was true that Lyle Waggoner wanted to find the true tortured psyche behind the Bat mask, the show would have been cancelled in three weeks.

Was it just my imagination, or was the actor who played Young Adam West a much better actor than Adam West ever was?

“Let’s take my car. It’s been established”…
whoooosh for me.
Anyone 'splain it?

I want more details on the actress that went after Burt Ward with a knife. Dang, that was bizarre!

Established means that it was shown in a previous shot. They didn’t have to go out and rent another Maserati.

In other words, a cheap producer could get away with using only one set of props instead of beinging in a new car for each scene.

It was a swipe at the producers of the original series, who used stock footage and old props in many episodes to save money.

Maybe, but that actor had to play a real person (i.e. Adam West), while Adam West was playing a comic book character, so a different style of acting would be appropriate.

Well I got a kick out of it. I especially like the fact that more shows (like “Surviving Gilligan’s Island”) are going for this type of approach instead of your standard “where are they now”-type reunion move (Like “Still the Beaver”, “Return to Green Acres”, etc). It’s a pretty creative way of doing a reunion.

You can definitely tell that Burt Ward & Adam West had a big hand in the script. I mean, we get it–you guys were studs & had lots of sex with beautiful women–and you’re not gay!

I also got a kick out of how they portrayed themselves of missing out on fantastic movie careers because of Batman. Adam West was set to star as James Bond??!!? I think not. And Burt Ward had to turn down the starring role in The Graduate (“I could have been Dustin Hoffman!”) Uh, Burt–just because your agent got you an audition doesn’t mean that you have the part. But I guess that’s their way of dealing with being forever typecast.

And hey–did anyone else catch the fact the one of the producers of this program is Dawn WellsGilligan’s Island’s Mary-Ann! Seems like the success of the recent Gilligan’s TV-movie spurred her to tackle another old program in the same way.

Actually, he was seriously considered for the part. It’s mentioned in a documentary on one of the Bond DVDs.

And Burt Ward was definately wanted by the producer of The Graduate but the TV show wouldn’t release him. He was all set to play the part, but the movie was forced to find another actor. Bizarre but true, now I have to find that cite…