Adam West died.


Damn :frowning: The last year or so has taken so many great talents from us.

Holy RIP, Batman!

Awwwww man. His Batman totally fucking rocked!

I just finished reading that article. Very well written and an outstanding obit; Mr. West comes across as a terrific, smart, funny guy.

RIP Batman.

Damn, first Sam Panopoulos and now Adam West. I loved Batman as a kid.

RIP, Batman.

I adored his campy performance as Doc Savage, and will always treasure the closing line, “Mona, you’re a brick.”

He was funny, and a very good interview-show guest, too: as interesting as himself as he was in character.

For many he was Batman, for some he was Mayor West.

R.I.P. Adam West
(If Family Guy continues, I’m guessing they won’t use Carrie Fisher and Adam West’s characters anymore)

wonder if they’ll write him out of Family Guy.


Aw. Goodbye Batman.

Holy Mortality, Batman!


Special election episode, hopefully. I wonder if Peter will run as a French Huguenot, as he did when he ran for school board.

Holy “One of the Crappiest Actors Ever” Batman!


Adam West.

Proof that 90% of “making it” in Hollywood is pure luck, and who you know, and being in the right place at the right time. Having actual talent is a remote second-place.

Liked his appearance on The Big Bang Theory too.

Probably not the best thread for derisive critiques.

June 2017. What can you expect?

RIP Adam. You made everybody’s life a little campier, a little lighter. Give my best to Yvonne, will you?

Classic thread shit.

Nice work!

Adam West was perfect in that role, in a dead-pan Leslie Neilson kind of way.

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Fear not citizens. Adam West will live on in the hearts and minds of all Gothamites.

And on The Simpsons.

“Pure. West.”