Clueless Adam West Interview about Batman

This guy has got to be one of the dumbest dumbshits who has ever walked the planet. Interview Here. He played Batman forty years ago and has been whining about wanting into the Batman movies ever since. However;

"Your fans, including me, have been waiting nearly twenty years for you to make a guest appearance in the new Batman movies…

Well I’d love to. I like Christian Bale. I’ve heard he’s a big fan of mine, but I certainly reciprocate. I think he’s really very good. I’d love to play his father. The older Batman comes out of the woodwork, when times get really tough…maybe a few tips here and there…"


Wait a minute there, Adam. Did you ever, you know, just ONCE, read any of the Batman origin comics? Are you even slightly aware of the character’s background and parents? Play his father??? “The older batman”??? WHAT THE FUCK. Did you even watch the new movie?

Go the fuck away now Adam. You’re too stupid, clueless and ignorant about Batman to have any further part in the mythos.

Adam West has renewed his career in recent years by pretending to be a crazy old man (mostly through Family Guy). I imagine this is just more fuel for the fire.

Maybe he can play his crazy uncle or something? (The one they never talked about).

You know that this is the guy who in his first notable performance in 30 years successfully pulled off a five-minute joke about chewing taffy, right?

Adam West can do no wrong.

Maybe Adam West is tuned into Bat-culture more than you are. Back in the Silver Age there were stories about Bruce Wayne’s dad. In particular, there was one where he dressed as a Bat-Man for a costume party and ended up putting away some criminals. Later Joe Chill was ordered to take him out – which is how Bruce’s parents got rubbed out. In that version, it wasn’t a random street thug (as it had been earlier, and since) or Jack Napier (as in the Tim Burton Batman movie), but a hitman from a criminal organization who deliberately sought out the Waynes. Batman later caught up with Chill.

You’re calling him the dumbest person on the planet for forgetting that Bruce Wanye is an orphan? Take a big, deep breath, and think of a tropical pool under a soothing waterfall.

Methinks you’ve been whooshed by a Master.

Yeah, I can’t imagine that anyone who happily plays himself on Family Guy and Kim Possible (I think there may be other animated shows) where he’s portrayed as more than a little crazy can be that oblivious.

Unless he really is so far gone he just reads whatever they hand him. :eek:

Thomas Wayne:

As well as Lew Moxon, the guy who hired Chill to get revenge on Thomas Wayne.

As a minor additional note, in addition to supplying various guest voices during various Batman cartoons, West suplied the voice of the big B himself in the 1986 (and final) season of Super Friends, under the title “The Super Powers Team: Galactic Guardians”. He’d also done the voice in earlier toons.

Frankly, I could see West in a film adaptation of the Frank Miller Dark Knight books about an older Batman, but he’d need a strict fitness regimen and extensive acting lessons first. I’d rather see Rutger Hauer in the role, though. I also could’ve imagined West as Thomas Wayne in the 1989 movie, on-screen just long enough to get shot.

Fairly Oddparents - Catman, an actor who actually believes himself to be the superhero he played on TV.

I knew I was forgetting one.

Self-aware is the term I was trying to get across in my last post. He’s too self-aware to be a clueless idiot.

And let’s not forget NewsRadio, where we discovered that he was D.B. Cooper.

Sure! Why not! We’ll just get George Romero to oversee the makeup. :wink:

Yeah, West was doing self-parody long before Shatner made it cool. :slight_smile:

I know, huh? Never in the history of comic books has a supposedly dead character ever miraculously turned up alive.

He may have simply been thinking along the lines of his old Batman character being the one who’s parents were murdered by Joe Chill.

Sure, think about the angle for that!

Bruce Wayne, totally messed up in the head because his parents were killed right in front of him, dedicates his life to fighting crime and invents the Batman as a symbol to do so.

When suddenly his “dead” father returns. “Oh sorry son, I wanted to go away for a while. Miss me?” :eek:
People can point out potential back stories from the original comics all they want, but Batman Begins clearly showed that the above is true. His parents were killed before his eyes, he went mental, dedicated his life to fighting criminals, and HE invented the Batman idea. There is no “older Batman”, there is no still living father to show up and cock things up. This ain’t Zorro, despite some similarities in costumes.

Read the interview completely. West admits he’s never seen any of the Batman movies in their entirety. Either the whole thing is a whoosh, or he may not even know what the origin story is.

He did the same thing on the Simpsons in “Mr. Plow” in 1992.

“I suppose you’re only familiar with the new Batman movies. Michelle Pfeiffer? Ha! The only true Catwoman is Julie Newmar, Lee Meriwether, or Eartha Kitt. And I didn’t need molded plastic to improve my physique. Pure. West. And why doesn’t Batman dance anymore? Remember the Batusi?”

Creepy. Deranged. Hilarious. I’m not sure what he thinks about Batman these days, but I can see where he would appreciate the acknowledgement. Given the way the 60s Batman went, by the way, the fate of the Waynes may have never been dealt with.