And shes bare naked!

how old were you when you first saw porn and what was it (magazine, movies, internet pics)

Not porn per se, but fairly revealing photos in an old copy of National Lampoon. I must have been 8 or 9. I was more interested in the hyper-violent cat-and-mouse cartoon on the last page.

8 or 9 I was walking home from school and found a page from a Playboy magazine on the sidewalk (a good one!) I took it home and hid it behind my dresser and Mom found it next week when she was “cleaning”. :eek:

When I was in elementary school, I found some nudist magazines (in plain brown paper wrappers) hidden under my dad’s bed. This was back in the 1950s, when photos of naked people playing volleyball or having a picnic were considered pornographic. I was not particularly interested in the nudie pix, but I did find the pubic hair on the men to be odd. Up till then, the only male equipment I had seen had been little boys’ hairless dingdongs, and the hairiness of the guys in the photographs seemed really weird.

When I was about 10 I had a huge crush on a neighbor girl who was the same age.
Myself and my older sister were to meet up with her and her older sister at their house to go swimming at the public pool.
When we got there the older sister was outside. She started conversing with my sister and told me that “Tracy” was getting ready and I could go inside and wait for her.
I went in and sat in their living room by myself. “Tracy” was apparently still getting changed in her room so I sat patiently. Then their phone rang. I heard Tracy yell “I’ll get it!”, her bedroom door flung open and she runs right into the living room naked as a j-bird. She spotted me, froze about 3 feet away, screamed, and ran back into her room.

I felt like the luckiest kid in the world that day.

I can remember when the phone ringing was the most important thing in the world, too. :stuck_out_tongue:

At age 11, I found my father’s stash of Penthouses. He never did seem to notice the two that went missing.

And I did with them what any horny young male would do with them – I showed them to my friends.

Depending on how you define porn, probably around 12. Dad had been making a calendar for one of his customers, and then deleted the pictures he’d used.

What he didn’t know was that the program he was using made it’s own backups. So here I am, just browsing through the images one day…wait, go back.

“Dad, why are there naked women on the computer?”

Hardcore porn I got exposed to just last summer, when a guy who was hitting on me decided we needed something playing in the background to look at (although we did mute it).If you’re wondering, he didn’t get far…to the bathroom floor to be precise

I can remember one guy having a magazine - most likely Playboy - in school. Probably in 3d or 4th grade, in the late 60s. I can remember a couple of us stepping into a classroom doorway to look at it.
Next were magazines found in scout paper drives.
Then the barber shop.

Well, let’s see…when my mother met my step father I was in kindergarten (wow…I was only in kindergarten. Never thought about it that way) and I was introduced to his “bachlor pad”. (Which was in his mother’s basement.) And the WALL of Playboy’s he had stacked up. So when I was left alone (while they were busy falling in love I guess) I’d get into the stack. I can’t remember what I thought exactly but I was fascinated. (however I think I was warped from birth so I don’t blame Playboy.)

I can beat that too, when I was 11 I found my aunt’s stash of Penthouses.

But why would you AUNT want to look at pictures of naked wome… * blink * Ooohhhhhhh…

7-8ish, a neighborhood boy had a penthouse, didn’t do a thing for me. Sadly I didn’t discover gay porn for many years after that.

I was probably around eight. Found my brother’s hidden Hump magazine.
Scarred me for life, it did! :wink:

My first pictorial porn was a Hustler. But not just any Hustler, it was the special She-Male issue. It was a spread of purported hermaphrodites that had breasts, penes ***and ** * vaginas having a gang bang. This was in the kids/guests bathroom. It stayed there throughout junior high (ages 11 - 12 for me). That belonged to my mom.

The other porn that my mom had around? (My dad was around, too, but either didn’t have any or was much better at hiding it, which I doubt. Dad wasn’t good at hiding things. Trust me. They would have been in his truck or his toolbox, the same place he hid everything else.) My mom had a very large stash of incest porn in book form, no pictures. Primarily, mother/son, mother/daughter and brother/sister. Really graphic and very violent, lots of fcuk her 'til she bleeds stuff. I think I was about 10.

I also remember avidly reading a medical encyclodpedia section on sexual intercourse, complete with dull black and white drawings. But it was illustrated! It also had a section on how a couple that was incompatible size-wise could ah, become compatible. If you’re interested, the answer is dildos in multiple sizes. They had a picture of that, too. Actually, I remember this as a medical procedure that a doctor :eek: would perform! Being 7 or so, I pictured glass test tubes! :eek:

Needless to say, sex was not exactly a secret in our house as part of my laundry duties were washing my dad’s cum rags (Want to know how to piss my mom off? Put the cum rags in with the hand towels. “Keep those away from the hand towels! You know they belong on the bottom shelf!” :smiley: Yes, I was a brat.)

I don’t know if I’d call it porn exactly, but when I was about nine years old, I got my hands on a Playboy, which was my first exposure to nudity outside the family. My main disappointment was that all of the people were grownups. Where were the kids? I felt quite disenfranchised.

I still do, really…but you know how people are about that sort of thing.

I’ve learned to adapt to social standards, but I still think kids get a bad rap on the whole nudity thing. After all, they’re human, too.

Marilyn Lange, Miss May 1974. Ai yi yi, the snack trays on that woman.

I was eight, my best friend’s dad had a stack in the bathroom. She loved to show me the new issues. She turned out to be a lesbian but I had no idea then.

Wow, that would of fooked me up…you seem pretty fine with it all…hows your relationship with your parents now

Ai yi yi is right.

I don’t remember the first time I saw photographs but I do remember the first time I saw a video. I was in Greece in 1997 with my family, I was 14. When we were in Athens we stayed in a really nice hotel with free porn. It was a glorious two days.