And so my aunt takes another downward turn.

I got a telephone call this morning from her care home to say that they had summoned the doctor. I gave permission for her to be taken to hospital if necessary. Her limbs hurt and she couldn’t get out of bed. I rang back later to learn that the doctor had seen her and prescribed her paracetamol and she’s going to have to use a walking frame. :frowning: :frowning:

This slow decline bites. I hope I don’t get old like this. I’ll probably be seeing her on Monday.

I am sorry to hear your news. I agree, a long slow decline is my worst nightmare. My father died in 03 and in the end he was pretty much just waiting for death. He could do little or nothing and all the drugs they had him on prevented him from even thinking straight. Recovering is a lonely scary process - it must be even worse when you know you aren’t likely to get better.

Sending supporting thoughts your way - and hers.

Good luck to you both, Quartz.

Thanks guys. I saw her yesterday and her condition was better than feared but worse than hoped. She’d fallen asleep in the middle of eating lunch, and conversation - or rather, maintaining the semblance thereof because she has no short term memory - was quite an effort for her.

Aging bites.

Hang in there.

And post to vent.