And the award for outstanding achievement in the field of being excelently stupid goes to...

Me. :smack:
The weather is finally good today, so I decide it is time to start up the old grill and make sure everything is in order for the summer. But I didn’t have any steak to cook. I wasever thinking maybe stir fry. My grill has a side propane burner which I use when I want to more real stir fry because it gets much hotter than my stove burners, and the smoke is outside so my smoke alarm doesn’t go off.

I turn the handle on the tank, turnn the burner too high and start heating the wok. Except there is a problem, a really low and pathetic flame, could my jets be that clogged? No wait first use of the year, the shut-off valve screw will be shut-off. It shouldn’t be on at all, but never mind, I’ll just pen it some more.

Where is a screwdriver, hmm none close, but there is the battery screwdriver, it will work, just a little fiddling to get it lined up. I take it too the valve screw and try to give it a little tap for a half turn. Opps, tapped a little to hard, that will be too muSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSS!

Ohh shit! I have turned it so far it is on gas release. turn it off turn it off! But I was so startled I dropped the screw driver gotta pick it up.

Smart brain: It’s not just about wasting gas, you know have a propane jet 8 inches from the lit flame on the burner.

Dumb brain: Ohh good point, But i can turn off the gas at the burner that wiill stop the leak(Start to reach for burner knob)

Smart brain: That won’t help as the leak is at the tank, not the burner.

Dumb brain:Oops(reach back for Screwdriver)

Smart brain: However, Turning the burner off will kill the existing flame.

Dumb brain: Ohh yeah (drop screwdriver, reach for knob again)

Smart brain: Interesting how the propane jet is aimed at my balls if it should ignite…

Dumb Brain: Gahhhhhhhh(spring to feet and jump out of propane jet).
Fortunately Nothing happened. I got out of the way, got the burner off, and finally got the screw tightened back in. Then I closed my patio door and waited 20 minutes for dissipation.

There are two l’s in excellently as well.

Two birds with one stone and all that.

Is this guy your brother?

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