And the Bartender asked......

“Why the long face?”

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I thought this would be about a horse walking into a bar.

That’s pretty boring. I mean, we’ve heard the “John Kerry looks like Lurch” punchline damn often, and it wasn’t real funny to begin with.

I have to admit, when I see John Kerry, I often think “Why the long face?”

But that’s a LOT better than what I think when I see George W. Bush’s face.

That’s sort of what I like about Bell’s stuff - it’s not, er, subtle.
His Bush started out looking a bit simian - now he’s doing him as an out and out ape Like here - he doesn’t even bother with the face - I want to see how extreme he gets with Kerry before he’s through.
::Shrug:: well I find it it funny - there’s no reason anyone else should I guess