The JF Kerry Bubble Boy / Sperm Photos - Or Why I Love The Tabloids

Mundane: Sure
Pointless: Check
Stuff: Yeah
I Must Share: No one else has yet? (Looks up @ office clock and asks to himself, 'No thread on this yet!?!)

Not much to say other than I love this photo of John Kerry in a NASA Sterile Suit

The front page of the morning editions of the NYC tabloids today (i.e. prior to reports of the Clintons’ speeches in Boston & the fact they looked like they were estranged) had headlines like:

BUBBLE BOY - Where Kerry was compared to a Woody Allen in his sperm cell suit
BOSTON, WE HAVE A PROBLEM! - Where at least the took the balanced approach of showing (the DNC released) photo of Bush in a Polka Dot Kimono.

I just love the political season.

Fun with Captions!

Ah, now here’s where the GOP gets to the important issues that will affect American lives; whether Kerry will look as stupid as Dukakis did in the tank.

Or Dubya in the flight suit on the carrier?