Why Jon Kerry Didn't Win - a Slideshow

I’m putting this in the pit because I suspect a number of people will get mad at this, but I thought it was hilarious. And I like to think I’d think so if Bush had lost and they’d done the same:

Why John Kerry Didn’t Win

I’m still laughing.

The camera doesn’t seem to love him…

Ok, that was pretty damn funny. Hopefully, six months on from the election, people (like me, a Dem) can laugh at it all.

I particularly liked the football “hike”…“Whatcha doin’ with your head between your ass, Mr. Kerry?”

Look, I want to be as non-partisan as I can be, and not only did I not vote for Bush, I didn’t and don’t like him either. But God damn, that collection made me laugh at Mr. Kerry’s expense. I do feel bad…and yet I’m laughing.

I hope I wasn’t suckered by Photoshoppers or fake pics. Ah, who cares, it’s still funny.

That was pretty good, but I’m fairly certain the last one (with Edwards’ hand covering Kerry’s face) is a photoshop.

Of course, there’s no doubt that you could make the same essay the opposite way around - presidents and presidential candidates have thousands of pictures taken of them. I’m sure there are plenty of Bush looking goofy and of Kerry looking presidential. That’s not what this is about. It’s just good comedy.

Oh, god, that’s hilarious. I loved the one of Bush holding a toddler and Kerry holding a teddy bear.

And yeah, I’m a registered Dem.

Atleast he seems to be having fun. Whereas, Bush is just posing for the camera.

But, yes it was amusing.

Both candidates looked silly, and neither of them looked so silly as to be worth emitting even a minor chuckle. I fail to see how this was funny.

My advice to you is to start drinking heavily.

Those photos of Kerry were quite funny. IMO, the whole thing would have been funnier either with only Kerry pictures or with similarly foolish pictures of Bush. Choosing Bush’s best pictures to go next to Kerry’s worst just seemed dumb to me. The comedy is in how bad Kerry looked, not in how much better Bush could be made to look by careful picture selection.

Heh heh. He WAS kinda goony-looking…


It’s funny that they showed this pic: http://img.photobucket.com/albums/v461/zete_tic2/bush-bushcheneysigns2.bmp

And then compared it to this pic of Kerry:

Bush’s thugs actually kicked out Kerry supporters, while Kerry actually seemed to recognize that people disagreed with him.

That’s freakin hilarious. Thanks for sharing, Sam!

Yeah, I didn’t really find it funny. Except for the one where Teresa was blocking John’s kiss.

And that was barely.

Is the person who put that together a Swiftvet? As humor, it works. As an indication of the athletic prowess or military bearing of either man, it doesn’t.

Oh, I agree: part of its humor is that it shows a guy that I consider to be a dangerous goofball looking more dignified than a guy that I consider to be thoughtful and prudent.

Mental whiplash is funny.


Agreed. As I said, it wouldn’t take much work to make a collage showing exactly the opposite.

But as comedy, there’s some gold in there. Like the picture of Bush walking arm in arm with Laura, beside a picture of Kerry walking arm in arm with Edwards, looking like he’s pulling his wife along as an afterthought. Funny stuff.

That made my day! Thanks, Sam. :smiley: