How do you like this John Kerry picture I created?

Enjoy! (And you might not want to click this if you’re at work, or being supervised.)

It’s very nice.

squints I don’t see the resemblance though. squints

The page is not available, sez Yahoo!

Click on the url window on your browser and hit enter. It worked for me.
Oh, the picture?


I don’t get it.

You aren’t supposed to “get it.”

I literally don’t get it. It just says:

“The web site you are trying to access has exceeded its allocated data transfer.”

Oh, that happens because of my crappy yahoo service. It’s supposed to show a picture of John Kerry sitting with a boy with a penis for a nose.

I don’t get it.

I don’t get it either…the joke I mean.


I guess it’s weird for the sake of being weird.


“It’s a good joke to begin with. And the fact that it’s JOHN KERRY standing next to the student is what makes it great!”

Hmmmm. Nope. I’ve typed that sentence out a million different ways and it just doesn’t work no matter what.

You were not brought upon this earth to Get It, Mr. Burton…

Were I you, I’d ask a mod to lock this thread pronto. Aside from being highly inappropriate for MPSIMS, it’s only going to make a bigger fool of you than your GQ threads (which is mighty difficult to do).

This could get you banned.

Is it supposed to be Bill Clinton as a boy?

Gee, thanks.

By the way, why don’t you tell me what you’re talking about? Nobody’s ever called any of my GQ threads “foolish.” Why do you want to start an argument with me? I have never taken a shot at anyone on this whole forum before.

PaulFitzroy, this is not appropriate for MPSIMS or any other forum on this board.

Please don’t do this again.

Cajun Man
for the SDMB