This picture needs a caption...

Just screams for one… Kerry’s gesture, Edwards’ clenched fist, looking up at the sky…

This here picture…

Kerry: That freakin’ Superman! Shows up, saves the day, and then just FLIES OFF into the night sky!
Edwards: Yeah. Steals our spotlight every damn time!

Any other ideas?

Kerry sings, “Somewhere, Out there, beneath the pale moonlight…”

From my officemate:

Edwards: And then I put my penis into an invisibility cloak, and look what happened…

Edwards: Under my leadership, there will be light.

Kerry: That Statue of Liberty, she has a really big pair of …
Edwards: Yes, yes, she does.

Kerry: When she throws it, I’ll catch it, you hit it… hard.
Edwards: {clenches fist} You got it, boss.

Kerry: All right, I have lured it here, get ready to sock it.
Edwareds : MUHAHAHA

Kerry: “And I say, Let there be light.”
Edwards: “Wow, that’s pretty good, but hasn’t it been done?”

Kerry: “If I have a green ball in this hand and a green ball in this hand, what do I have?”

Edwards: “Total control of the Jolly Green Giant?”

Kerry And if we put the snipers here and here, Bush’ll never notice.
Edwards (thinking) Damn! He stole my idea! Just smile and nod

Kerry They wanted a President. Instead they will get a god!!
Edwards And I will be the Messiah!

Kerry: So I grabs Charlie and holds him up like this and as I pull out his his still beating heart…

EDWARDS: Oh John you and your whacky war stories.

Both: “And I get paid for doing this…”

“I’m tellin’ ya John, this chick had tits out to here.”

Kerry: If only I didn’t look so much like the Lord Mayor of Pepperland!!!
Edwards: Don’t worry, John. I’ve got good looks enough for the both of us.

Kerry (singing): “When … the … moon hits the sky like a big pizza-pie, that’s amore!”

Edwards: “Cripes! He’s drunk again! This is so embarrassing.”

Edwards (thinking to self): Damn! I wish I coulda seen that!

“Ha! Okay, okay, okay, now I’ll do Dolly Parton and you do Bob Dole!”

Kerry: And the more wishes you make, the more magnificent Fantasia will become.
Edwards: Really?
Kerry: (nodding) Try it.
Edwards: Then my first wish is…

I bet nobody gets this.

Neverending Story II

I can’t believe I know that. Or that I’m admitting to it. :smiley:

lieu, you are an bad, evil person, and I am refusing to laugh at that.

In a few more minutes…

Oh, Sublight, just give in to it. I laughed. Hard.