Kerry is an asshole

Look Kerry, you are an asshole. Your running mate back in 2004 worked his ass off for your presidency and now you endorse his competitor ?

Fuck you !

Edwards has an uphill battle and you fuckin hit him when he’s down ?

You deserve to have lost the last time !!!

That says as much about Edwards as it does about Kerry.


Why do you care again?

In point of fact, I’ve read a lot of stories suggesting that Edwards didn’t work his ass off at all - he not only didn’t get along with Kerry, but didn’t really believe in what Kerry was saying or asking him to say, so he said what he wanted to on the campaign trail and acted like it was practice for another run in 2008.
Oh, and Al Gore did the same thing four years ago. Surprise! Turns out VP picks are political and not shows of friendship. Who gives a crap?

Since the OP was so enraged he couldn’t bother to offer a link…

Actually it raises Kerry a bit in my eyes.

Yeah, really. Given the reality of how you pick your V-P, (someone to “balance” you), it’s quite likely that you not only don’t pick your best buddy, you pick someone you don’t even like that much. That’s politics, and that’s life.

Maybe he is trying to help Edwards? Would you really want Kerry’s endorsement? Christ on a stick, he managed to lose to Shrub/Cheney.

Seriously though, Obama has a much better chance of getting the nomination and the election than Edwards, this might be more about how Kerry feels about Hillary, than how he feels about Edwards.

Jim (Why did my spell checker just suggest Satan for Cheney?)

Because it is wise.

My thoughts exactly. Nothing he can say or do would breathe life into the Edwards campaign. Better to choose between the only two viable candidates.

Maybe Kerry deserved losing to Bush/Satan, but we sure as hell didn’t.

My wife thinks it’s great that Hillary can do so much for women and help break down all the stereotypes and walls women face, but she will vote for Edwards … because he’s “dreamy.” :smack: :smiley:

Works for some but that $400 haircut probably cost many more votes than it gained. I think if Obama pays more than $5 for his haircuts he’s getting gypped.

Maybe he felt Obama was the better choice. I know I do.

What hair?

Well ditto that, but while Obama is my first choice, Edwards is much lower. I will probably vote McCain before Edwards.

The emphasis on loyalty over performance is one of the more deplorable facets of the modern conservative movement. Kerry doesn’t owe Edwards an endorsement; he owes it to his constituents to do what he thinks will be best for the country.

When you make decisions based on loyalty rather than merit, you end up with horse breeders running federal agencies. No thanks.

Edwards doesn’t have an uphill battle. He’s dead in the water. He put everything he had into Iowa and got a tied for second, and then in New Hampshire he picked up a distant, distant third against strong support for his two competitors. There’s simply no way that Edwards will get the nomination unless the Clinton and Obama campaign planes collide in midair.

Kerry at least had the grace to wait until his former running mate was shown to be non-viable before endorsing one of the others.

What does it say about Edwards?

That he gives a terrible blowjob?

For varying values of ‘we’… I’d say we did.