Disinformation works

This morning on NPR’s Morning Edition they apologized for an error that ran in early versions of a story about John Kerry’s speech to the VFW in which a vet was quoted, “I still can’t get that picture of him with Jane Fonda out of my head.” The error, of course, was that the photo was a forgery. Chalk one up to the anti-Kerry disinformation campaign! It was so effective that it took the commies :wink: at NPR hours to figure out this particular item wasn’t true.

I wonder how many other Americans will hold their noses and vote for Bush because they believe that faked photo to be accurate. :frowning:

The Republicans have gotten desperate. They can’t win on the issues, and they know it. So they are turning to their old friends voter suppression and slime.

No surprise here. The “lideral media” never seem to go to quite so much trouble debunking the brownshirtery as they do promoting it. If I were Kerry I would have sued every major media outlet that ran with the photo until they had to have a picture in picture dedicated to retraction for the next few years.

lideral meaning liberal, of course

I wish to addres the misinformation issue, and please note that I will be most likely be voting for W instead of JFK

People in general have to accept some news as true and use that info to make their decision as to who they want to vote for. Some may chose the ‘conventinal media’ as middle of the road, some may consider the C.M. as left slanted and like to balance it w/ conservative commentators and come to a decision based on both. And some may take Air America’s liberal view and counter banance it w/ what they might view as the right wing POV.
But to the OP I don’t think anyone will make any true decision based on a photo (forged or not) that shows JFK w/ JF, but I must say that JFK’s anti war action does speak enough for itself that such a photo is not needed.

Quite frankly I find Fonda’s activities during the war to have been reprehensible irrespective of the social climate of the time. But so deep is my distrust of Bush, that I could see an authenticated, autographed, notarized and thrice witnessed photograph of Fonda with JFK’s dick in her mouth. From Then AND last week, and I’d still take every action available to me to VOTE BUSH OUT of office.

Two questions:

Are you aware just how evil Fonda is perceived to be by many people, and how insidious the pairing of her with Senator Kerry is?

Do you honestly believe that Senator Kerry’s “anti war action” is comparable to Fonda’s?

I believe we all accept that as true.

Ya know, I was going to disagree until I reread what you said and the phrase “true decision” jumped out at me. Yeah, I suppose that guy wasn’t going to vote for Kerry even if Bush gave a speech glorifying Satan while his dick was in Jane Fonda’s mouth. (thank you for THAT image, Inigo!) Instead I’ll gripe about the morons at NPR who needed listeners to tell them they had made a mistake that nobody with the slightest awareness of current events would have made. :mad:

[aside] Does anybody remember how hot she was in Cat Ballou? Now I can no more watch a Jane Fonda movie than can kanicbird. She embarassed us all, bro. [/aside]

There’s a qualitiative difference between a brainless, ego-ridden actress and an officer who served honorably anyway. 'Nam has been dissected eight ways for Sunday, but even some of the architects of that war finally conceded it was a mess. Kerry simply stated the painfully obvious truth, from the viewpoint of those thrown into harm’s way.
Too many of my folks were over there. Not a single damned one of them was cowardly. And not a single damned one of them came back–those that made it back–without saying, with more pain that you can imagine, that the whole damned war was a total fuck up. They weren’t ashamed of serving, just bewildered and very bitter that the obscene failure of politics wasted countless lives on all sides, including civilians.
History’s a bitch. I tend to listen to actual soldiers, because they have an unusually clear view of of what wars are and aren’t.

… Because Democrats never put out misinformation either, eh? No-o-o… they wouldn’t do that. Aren’t they allergic to it?

Um, there are two Kerry/Fonda pictures floating around the net. One forged, showing them on stage together, one real, showing them in a crowd together.

One important point. The photo of them in the crowd together was of Jane pre-Hanoi. The forged is of Jane post-Hanoi. Kerry distanced himself from Jane post Hanoi (as did many people)

Um, Carmen? they’re both faked. Search google images for “kerry fonda”

Look at the difference in pixellation.

Except of course I’m wrong.

I still love ya liss.

Of for Chrissake, lissener! There’s no goddam pixies in those pictures! Whatsamatta you?

No; that’s pixillation, not pixelation. Duh.

Sorry, misspelled.

It doesn’t matter. Some people will continue to believe those pictures are real, no matter what you say, or what proof you have. I showed one person how easy it is to fake, by using Photoshop (I put his head in place of Kerry’s, and then put Hitler in the crowd too just for yucks). It didn’t matter. If a story was ever “leaked” that Kerry was leader of the Nazi Party, he’d probably believe that too. This is the same guy who told me to get out of “his” country when I told him what I personally thought of Bush and Cheney. It seems that a lack of blind acceptance equals treason.

Which I guess is comparable to people who believe they are all fake even when one of them isn’t.