...and the best TV show in the history of the universe is:

I was watching an episode of a show the other day and this notion hit me: this is the best show in the history of television. I didn’t pose it to myself as a question, a possibility, or even a probability. I knew it in my bones, I knew (know) it as fact. I have seen lot of great television, but this is the very first time I ever articulated such a statement.

Such a thought, of course, is entirely subjective; most will disagree with me. But for me, the statement stands as Truth.

As for the poll, I’ve tried to compile a list of programs that I believe others may have such feelings for. I’ve overlooked some, to be sure, but I think this list is pretty comprehensive. Go ahead and use the ‘other’ option, but please make your case.

I will reveal which show had this profound effect on me after there are some responses.


Dont’ see a poll.

Mad Men is the best-made, best-written show I’ve ever seen.

Doctor Who is better.

Buffy, Firefly, Community, and 30 Rock. In that order.

Honorable mention: Star Trek: Deep Space Nine.

Dang, forgot 30 Rock.

Other: Deadwood

some of the shows were revived and the original far better than the remake. no distinguishing in the poll.

also hard to compare comedies with dramas.

Pushing Daisies is not on here.


Curb Your Enthusiasm

Deadwood is on there, Yankee.

Such as??

You are not understanding the question. Read the OP.


Fuckin’ Wu! (How did I miss that?)

You left out The Rockford Files.

Interesting. I’ve never really seen it and would not have considered it, but I’ll take your word for it.

Though this is an excellent list, there are a few missing that would have been among my top choices for “this is the best thing I’ve seen” depending on my mood. I don’t think I would be able to choose among them, really.

Yes Minister / Yes Prime Minister (a brilliant UK comedy)
Roseanne (seasons 1 - 5, at least)
The Good Life (another UK comedy, full of warmth, heart, and wit)
I, Claudius (yes, it’s a 13-episode mini-series, but genius television nonetheless)

I know many who would make a case for Sports Night, too.

This comment continues to baffle me.

I specified Battlestar Galactica was the 2003 version. I specified Dr. Who as the 2005 incarnation. I noted the Letterman show was his NBC program. I gave the titles of the two Star Trek series I included. I Identified Johnny Carson as the host of my Tonight Show entry. I even differentiated between the U.S. and U.K. versions of The Office, and included both.

Was there a remake of Seinfeld with which I am unfamiliar?

Clearly the poll is flawed: Metalocalypse isn’t even listed.

Ahhhh, finally someone voted for the show that got me excited enough to construct this poll: The Wire.

Sports Night - it was West Wing with an even better cast, and without the politics. (It wasn’t about Sports, either.)

I voted The Wire. All due respect to Deadwood, The Sopranos, Breaking Bad, Mad Men, Arrested Development, Seinfeld, etc., but The Wire blows them all out of the water. And I have never in my life understood the love for MASH.

I love The Wire, but the best show in the history of the universe is Six Feet Under.