And the new world record for jumping the shark goes to . . .

The envelope please . . .


All right. the show actually jumped at the end of the previous season, when grandma showed up. Even so, tonight’s episode has to be a record in stupidity. This may be the first time I actually turned off a TV show I watched regularly in mid-episode.

What did it? The absolutely ridiculous assertion that

the unborn child of Creighton and Aerin would know wormhole technology because the knowledge was passed along with Crighton’s DNA.:rolleyes:

Now I don’t insist on absolute scientific accuracy in science fiction, but when someone makes an assertion that anyone who took the most basic high school biology course would know was preposterous, that’s taking it by far. It makes helicopters on the moon look like good science. It makes the Earth turning the wrong direction look like accurate knowledge.

It’s just plain stupid. I was only watching out of curiousity and my completion complex, but now I can cross the show off my list.