And the river card is... the six of armed gunmen!

Much weirdness at a major poker tournament in Berlin, where armed robbers entered the casino it was taking place in and wreaked havoc. And, as a major tournament, there was a live broadcast when the robbery took place. AND, it interrupted play JUST as the river card for a huge pot was about to be dealt!

(That is a story in of itself, BTW; for obvious reasons, the “interruption,” as it was called on the sponsor’s blog, messed up the chip counts and left the deck ripe for manipulation during the chaos. Despite the fact that under official rules, the hand could’ve and probably would’ve been called void and the chips returned, the player who was behind agreed to have the deck shuffled and see a river card. He lost, but got a lot of applause, apparently, for his choice.)

There’s an Old West saying (probably apocryphally attributed to many different characters) that a Smith and Wesson beats four aces.

This wasn’t the first big-$ tournament interrupted in Europe in the last few years…I seem to remember one in France as well.

Wasn’t there another one - “No matter how big your balls are, they can be deflated with a .45 slug”?