And the superconferences begin

This was the first I heard about this.

It makes sense, Baby steps toward a national super conference. Build some rivalries, get some publicity, and hope it takes off and pays off with a whole bunch more states paying for your TV network. But nothing to much of a commitment, so things can be rearranged, backed-out, or abandoned all together if it sucks.

Perhaps this will evolve into some sort of an annual Big 10-Pac 12 challenge game, Say maybe around the Holidays, where the weather is nice and warm. :slight_smile:

What are the details with the BigXII? Does Texas have an out after 3 or 4 years? I think this is the sort of thing that would definitely encourage them to make a move to the B1G or Pac12as soon as they can get out cheaply. The footprint will, in effect, be from California to Pennsylvania for these schools.

From the link:

Beginning as early as next year, the Pac-12 and Big Ten will initiate what amounts to a Friends With Benefits alliance.


Curious wording aside–hmmm. Seems to me to have some potential to hurt the SEC by improving the out of conference schedule of both leagues. I think it may turn out to be a shrewd move, and wonder if/how the SEC will react…maybe a similar deal with the remnants of the Big 12?

This is the SEC we’re talking about. They’ll do it with the Sun Belt Conference, if they can be convinced to not go with the Ohio Valley.

I dunno. The SEC is all about the Benjamins. Assuming they see the potential for profit in marquee matchups, and don’t want to fall behind in strength of schedule considerations, I think they may move away from some of the powder puff OOC matchups. This proposed deal is only replacing one OOC game for each school involved, so a similar deal should only help the SEC. Who wouldn’t pay to see Texas-LSU, or Oklahoma-Alabama once a decade or so?

Well, I think it’d be great if they could expand it to two games/season. One fixed rivalry and one rotation, but I understand that that could be complicated and/or infeasible. An SEC/Big12 pairing could see the Kansas/Missouri rivalry continue, which would be great. If not, I think the SEC would be better served by hitting up the ACC.

Okay, that was pretty good! :stuck_out_tongue:

I see this as something similar to the Big Ten-ACC challenge in hoops, were they are matched up for a whole weekend. So, on the same day, you’d have these matchups (my guess on the top 6):

Oregon vs Wisconsin (yeah, I know)
Stanford vs Michigan
USC vs Michigan State
California vs Nebraska
Washington vs Penn State
UCLA vs Ohio State

That sounds pretty neat, much better than Wisconsin vs Ball State. Although I wonder if some teams will want to tweak the order. “USC wants to play Indiana instead” or “Michigan wants Washington State”.

My Huskers have their home-and-homes set up for several years, including UCLA, Tennessee, and Miami (Fla). I wonder how this will play out. We already chickened-out at playing Boise in addition to Washington this year (NU apparently only wants one hard OOC at a time, please).

Not the Ohio Valley, it gets cold up there! Notice Missouri has no home games after October. It could be in the 40° range! The SEC boys don’t do that!

As of this year, your Huskers have four OOC, there is no reason why they cannot add one more home and home.

Other than giving up a home game against UT-Chattanooga (or equivalent) every other year.

several teams (but not many) play two big time non-conference schools per year. LSU played Oregon and West Virginia this year. USCw usually does as well.

I’m just as happy as any other Big 10 fan to have Nebraska in the family, but the nickname “NU” is already taken. You can be Nebraska or the Cornhuskers or the Huskers or the Boys from Lincoln if you want, but NU plays in Evanston. :smiley: Even our fight song is “Go U NU.”

You’re preaching to the choir here. Back when I was in school in 1995, we played Michigan State, Arizona State, and Washington State. We played one dinky team in Pacific. And won the national title.

Nowadays, it’s one BCS-conference team and 3 dinky teams. Oh boy, that’s worth the season ticket prices. We had an opportunity to play Boise at home (only) with ESPN televising on an open date. Which we suddenly filled that gap with Chattanooga. NU tried to play it off as Boise wanted a $1,000,000 guarantee, who do they think they are? Of course, $800,000 to Idaho the year before was fine.

Here’s the funny part: Nebraska’s multiple campuses start with UN. Nebraska-Lincoln is UNL, Omaha is UNO, and Kearney is UNK. Yet the whole system is not UN, but NU. Even though we’re not Nebraska University.

I think it’s a Big Eight thing. Colorado is CU, Oklahoma is OU, Kansas is KU. It’s probably the same with Missouri, called Mizzou, not Uomizz. Now we’re in the Big Ten, so maybe we should adjust. But that would mean changing the logos and everyone would have to buy new t-shirts. And you know college sports: tradition always trumps money.

Are you a Northwestern alum? My mother went to Northwestern, in the years when they invariably got stomped by the troglodyte ringers from Michigan and Ohio State. They used to have a chant: “That’s all right, that’s okay, you’ll be working for us someday”.

She was absolutely giddy that the Wildcats won in Lincoln.