...and three drop dead ugly ones

I noticed this again in an ad today for a “gentleman’s club”. “27 beautiful girls! - and 3 drop dead ugly ones”. I know I’ve seen this in such ads in the past. (Not that I study these ads all the time.) I called but no one could tell me why they use this line in their ad. Is this a local thing, and does anyone know the reason for this?

It’s a joke. do you think if they went in and asked to see the 3 ugly ones, he’d bring 'em out. It probably helps with discrimination issues, but it’s a joke.

Here in texas, we have a B-B-Q chain that advertises ‘the shittiest bar b que in texas’

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There’s a restaurant in Florida called Fast Eddie’s (I think), that advertises “Warm Beer & Lousy Food.” The place was packed. Great food, great beer.

Deja Vu is the “gentleman’s club” that I’ve seen advertising the “three ugly ones.” The parking lot of the Deja Vu here is pretty much always full.

“the shittiest bar-b-que in Texas”?

How do they advertise? Can you say that on tv, radio, and in print in Texas?

I seem to remember that the “lousy service” came from a saloon/bar/restaurant that had its signs painted by a local painter - who didn’t get paid for his work. He then, in an act of revenge, painted a sing on the building that said “lousy service”. This, however, backfired and the place became popular and it was copied by other saloons, etc.

I don’t remember where I read this so it could just be one of those stories that are convenient but false. Anyone know if it’s true?

Heh…I know that ad. The Candy Store, right?

Last I checked, they really did have three drop dead ugly ones. My mom has an interesting story about a practical joke she played on a former co-worker involving the ugliest one, named Twyla.

I’ll get her to repeat the story to me so I can post it. (her computer just crashed, or I’d make her do it instead)

Sorry about contributing nothing to the thread, but since I know exactly which ad you’re referring to, I had to make my presence known.

It was the Candy Store, but I’m sure I’ve seen this line or something like it in other ads.

Yeah, I’ve seen that one on the sign for the Deja Vu here in Springpatch. Can’t attest to the veracity of the sign, but I do have a friend that works there. I’ll ask her.

And no, I met her at a bar, not at work.

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I sent that ad in to “Headlines,” c/o the Tonight Show with Jay Leno, 3000 W. Alameda… About a year ago, anyone see it? I didn’t get a chance to watch.

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shitty is painted on outside of building. don’t know if i’ve seen it in print. but my friend owned a bar that did advertise ‘big ass beers.’

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