So I'm sitting here drinking a Lone Star, when it occurs to me that...

…I seem to have been made the butt of a cruel joke. This is really, really bad beer.

Damn you, Texas! :smack:

You know, it is hard to find Lone Star in most places I’ve been in Texas. And most people use it for soaking brats before grilling. I don’t know anyone who actully drinks the crap. If you want to drink Texas beer, drink Shiner.

We drove to San Antonio for a wedding (from Alabama! 1100 mile trip each way!) and some bastard mentioned to me that the local HEB had 18-packs of Lone Star for cheap, a fantastic deal!

Fucker. Now I either have 18 of these thing to go through, or I pour it out.

Don’t throw it away! Use as a marinade.

Way back when I was a young un, Lone Star was a good beer. Or so I thought. Either my tastes changed or the beer did. Next time your in the heart of Texas, look for a local microbrew. Or a Shiner.

Yes, Shiner, absolutely. I drank a six pack of their hefeweizen over the past two nights. Good stuff.

I haven’t had a Lone Star since the Bar-Double-R Ranch in downtown Chicago closed down. Man, that stuff was horse piss. I’m not sure why we drank it, except that it was part of the Bar-Double-R experience, along with the Sundowners and the Chili Perch. When you want a beer really bad, Lone Star’s a really bad beer.

Yeah, I like Shiner a lot. Passed pretty close to the town on the way, but didn’t have a chance to stop.

But now, this crap is the only thing I have for beer in the house. Might have to switch to whiskey for the rest of my night’s gaming.

I thought Lone Star was produced in Wisconsin.

Fort Worth, from what my (still full) can says.

You bought canned?!? No wonder it’s swill. The stuff is barely adequate under the best of circumstances. But as mentioned, you have a great base for a marinade or three.

Shiner Bock…yum.

Longnecks is the only way!

I swear, I have no respect for you now. None. Not a sausage.

Well, maybe a sausage. An Earl Campbell hot link to be precise.

Huh. The stuff we get up here is from Lacrosse, WI.

(By which I mean to say the stuff my American housemate who doesn’t know any better gets up here is from Lacrosse, WI.)

Sorry, guys. I normally stay away from canned beer, but I figured, hey, it must be possible to get good beer out of a can. Hell, maybe it had a widget or sumpin’. What do I know about this pisswater?

Well, I know now. Me and my headache know now.

Grolsch is not real flash.

And I drink cans all the time. It gets colder quicker . :smiley:

Guiness with the nitrogen doo-dad is about the only thing worth getting in a can…course ALL my beer comes in cans, it’s just that they’re 8 gallon cans and get hooked to the CO2.

Have any of you tried Jax Beer?

Any good?

For a good canned beer, try Side Pocket Ale. It’s an 8.5 beer, so it’s kind of strong, but it has a smooth taste, not affected by the metal.

…is a Buckler. On my first visit to the fine state, I drank two of these at a bar before someone told me they were NA.

We used to drink Jax when we were so broke we absolutely couldn’t afford anything else. It was an absolutely wretched beer that was more suited to paint removal than drinking.

Toss a can in with a pot roast. You can’t believe how good it comes out.