What is the worst beer you've ever had?

When I was a kid, I used to collect beer cans. I thought Black Label had a nice can design.

Then, I moved back to Ohio at age 30 and actually drank the beer. YUCK! This wasn’t even a good beer to drink when I chilled it in the freezer like I used to in college with the cheap beer I bought back then.

Cave Creek Chili Beer.

Take beer that would be rejected by Coors as undrinkable, fill bottle, place in bottle one chili pepper.

Throw away.

Old Milwaukee is pretty bad. Cheap beer always gave me the runs. Schlitz gives you the sh*ts was a popular joke 25 years ago. I haven’t touched that stuff in years.

Cannabia. Took one sip and poured the rest down the drain. It is atrocious.

Steel Reserve and Schlitz Malt Liquor

If we can count homemade beer, pretty much all the worst beers I’ve ever had are homemade or made at Brew-By-You places. Even the really bad commercial beers are better.

Half of all Coors beers I ever bought were skunked; they get my vote.

Iron City . It was tinny tasting and terrible.

I drank a six-pack of Schaeffer once. ONCE.

I used to be quite happy drinking Coors and even the generic stuff that came in cans labeled “BEER”. Somewhere along the way I graduated to microbrews and better imported brands. A while back I tried a Coors for old time’s sake; after one sip I poured it down the drain…yuck!

Stroh’s at age 8.

You made it past the first can, doesn’t count. :smiley:

anyone tried Busch Ice? horrible stuff… I see cans lying around from parties. It’s only popular because of its higher alcohol content.

Natural Ice. Drank it all the time in college. Hated it even then, but what the hell, it was free beer. Always regretted it the next morning though.

old style. was at a dive in nashville and asked what the cheapest they had was, can of pabst was 3 bucks, old style was a buck seventy five. i had trouble choking it back, and regretted not getting the pabst…

The British version of Budweiser.

A nasty Brit copy of a nasty American copy of a decent Czech beer.

The worst ever was EKU 28 doppelbock at the Brickskeller in DC. It tasted like salty fudge dunked in liquid yeast. Out of a group of 10 people, not one could finish a full glass.

Pyramid IPA is the second worst beer I’ve had.

The worst beer I had was in an airplane to Portland. It was an IPA from some local microbrewery but the thing must have been old. It was chunky and I, along with the lady sitting next to me left our beers untouched after one sip.

A year or so later, I tried Pyramid IPA just to see if it would be any better and it was almost as bad.

You HAVE to make it past the first can; Sheaffer is the one beer to have when you’re having more than one! All the ads say so. (The idea is get you blitzed on a dozen tall-boys and you won’t remember what the taste was like)

Iron City is --------- Pit-worthy. Straubs is great if you get it at the factory and drink it fast but it has a shelf-life of about a week; after 3 weeks just dump it.

That was the one that I was going to post just reading the thread title. That combination of tastes simply doesn’t go together. It is an excellent beer for designated drivers though because you sure as hell can’t drink enough of it to even catch a temporary buzz.