Beer Lovers -- Excruciatingly Bad Beers

Based on a suggestion in the Favorite Beers thread, here we go.

Grant’s Imperial Stout – without question the most vile swill I have ever had the misfortune to taste. It’s like drinking varnish.

Foster’s – “It’s Australian for piss, mate.”

Budweiser – has always made me physically ill.

Corona – I don’t know how it tastes, but I’ve never been able to get past thew skunkiness.

Mannikin Piss – well named, 'coz it tastes like it. Very phenolic, “medicine-flavored,” like it’s made entirely with hit-or-miss wild yeast.

West End - It’s from South Australia. Definitely the worst.

Fosters is too bland to be truly bad - not many Australians actually drink it.

Bud is also pretty bland.

Foster’s is actually a Canadian beer.

My vote goes for Special Export. I saw it at a liquor store and thought, “Wow! Only $6.99 for a twelve pack! It can’t be that bad–let’s buy as many as we can carry.” But it was that bad. I actually had a nightmare about the ship on the label the next night.

Once had some nasty thing called Molasses Coffee Stout. I forget who made it. We got some out of disbelief at the name itself.


Molasses! Sickly sweet gaggish glorp on the tongue. Taste buds screaming for mercy, then shutting off to…

WHAM! Coffee, old, cold, thick, burnt, frozen, burnt again, then chilled JUST FOR YOU. Swallowing, swallowing, mouthful on the way down, strange, as sickening as that combination of taste sensations was there was no…

Stout. The aftertaste of it, rather, rising up like a vengeful phoenix made of tar from the fuel of Molasses Coffee goodness!

I shudder remembering it.

Lucky Lager … it’s only redeeming quality is the game in the bottlecaps. (and that’s really stretching it!)

Corona … anything you have to add lime to, to enhance the flavor, no thank you!


Why do you think we export it? :slight_smile:

I once boght a case of beer in Montreal that was black licorice flavored!! Worst beer ever!!
Now why would somebody go do a thing like that to BEER???


Foster’s – “It’s Australian for piss, mate.”

Don’t tell me that’s the slogan for Foster’s in the U.S…?
Damn, if it is, that’s fuckin pathetic!! I think some ex-pats need to be shot for that one.

Did someone post that Foster’s is a Canadian beer? It was first brewed in Melbourne, Australia, 1888.

I tried Foster’s when I was in Greece, it was a very different taste from the Australian brew. Still shit though.

Those Belgian Mort Subites, peach, raspberry…ecchhh.
I had a beer in U.S. called Piels (?), pretty bad.
Some of my early homebrews were pretty vile too.

The U.S Fosters is brewed in Canada.I vote any Miller product,And anything that comes in a green bottle total piss beer.

Mat K wrote:

Not exactly. The most recent ad campaign that I remember was of “Australian” words for things. They’d show a shark and the voice-over would say “guppy,” for example. The end of the commercial was “Foster’s. It’s Australian for beer, mate.” I’ve taken some liberties with the slogan, natch. :rolleyes: But tell me it isn’t true.

Wisconsin ClubI’d rather get beaten with a club than drink this, and remember, I’ll drink almost anything. Made by Huber in Monroe, Wisconsin.

Beghoff any style of Berghoff (lager, ale, red, etc) it’s all bad, with a wood taste. This is also made by Huber. Why is that place still in business?

Regal Brau Possibly the worst beer on the planet, the best example of mans inhumanity towards man. I remember my first taste of this swill…“What the hell is this?” My brother laughed and laughed as I spent the next hour trying to get that taste out of my mouth. Another poison made by…you guessed it, Huber.

Reinlanderagain, another God awful beer made by Huber. Really bad. Like urine from someone infected with…:eek: I think the workers at this brewery must be evil prisoners on work release.(Get it? Because the name is Huber:p)

Has anyone else ever had any of Hubers shit?

I like most beer because even the worst ones are still a lot more drinkable than bad wines. And the microbrew revolution (as I know it in the US) is splendid.

But over-enthusiastic purveyors of “fruity” beers should be firmly discouraged. With cattle prods if necessary. Cranberries, raspberries, cherries, etc. do not belong in beer. (Or wine coolers, for that matter. Squish 'em up, dump in some sugar and a liter of good vodka and make cordials, m’kay?)

Blue Moon is the only “name” beer I can recall offhand as being so bad I couldn’t finish the glass. Sickly sweetish, cloudy, tongue-clogging YUCKY.


Great Wall.
I believe it was (is) from Red China.
Could not get the glass past mu nose.
Smelled like a liquid fart.
Good lord it was bad.

Milwaukee’s Best (AKA “The Beast”). I had a German roommate in college and one day we were low on funds and bought a 12-pack of it. Both of us spent the next couple of days suffering from stomach cramps and he apologized profusely for ever talking me into drinking the swill. Haven’t touched it since.

It’s good to see that we Aussie’s can be a stupid as the denizens of any other country.

I love the way we keep up this pretext in all the beer threads that no-one here drinks Foster’s. Now there’s a good brewery - kept going 113 years while no-one drank their product.

No wonder they traded 4.3 million shares on the Stock Exchange yesterday.

Worst beer ever - Duff.

I had a Peroni…to me it tasted like a skunky Heineken. Yuck.
I gotta second the Lucky Lager thing…I remeber bying a case of the vile stuff for $4.00. Ended up saving it for the freeloading company my at the time roomate kept.
There was microbrew out in the middle of nowhere, CA. They made a particularly vile brew called “Orange Blossom Ale”. Tasted like orange peels in soda water. Kept the cats from screwing under my window though.
And, um…does Zima count as beer?

Uh, no, its zomething different.


Two words: Soviet beer.

There’s some decent Russian beer made nowadays (tho’ nothing exceptional) but the beer sold when the Soviet Union still existed was remarkably, startlingly bad, when you could get it.

Zhigulyovskoye beer - the first time I tried it, on my first trip to Leningrad in 1989, I couldn’t finish the bottle. This was a new experience for me, as I’d always assumed that there is no such thing as truly bad beer, only good and better.
But this stuff! It had a shelf life of six days, and even when ‘fresh’ it was sour and flat, with a rancid aftertaste of moldy barley. Ick.

My friends and I referred to it as Zhopolyovskoye, from the Russian word ‘zhopa’ = ass, because that’s what it tasted like.

All by itself, it was justification enough for the collapse of the Soviet Union.

C’mon, you guys are completetly ignoring the classic bad beers…

Hamm’s, Pabst Blue Ribbon, Shaefer, Shaefer Light

But the undisputed world champion of crappy beer is …

Natural Light! Beloved of broke college freshmen, company softball games, and cheap part-throwers.