And to think that this man had his finger on the nuclear trigger...

It makes anarchy seem like a pretty good alternative.

Dude. I am speechless.


Yeah, I liked that one too. Do you suppose the guy was being sarcastic and Dick just didn’t get it, or were his aides as clueless as he seemed to be?

Um, wasn’t the Soviet Union Communist?

The irony of this is the fact that this is the same president who gave a DEA badge to the biggest and most famous dopehead of the time, Elvis Presley.

But then again, Elvis wasn’t Jewish. :rolleyes:

Well, his point was that the Communists here are encouraging it to make us weak and help the Soviet Union.

I could just giggle endlessly over this:

Well, that was 31 years ago, and I am happy to report that the Jew-homo-doper-Commie-shrink-lefty-pope cabal has not, to date, destroyed us. Nixon seems to have been wrong on this one.

Oh, come on, Opal, how do we know that the Islamic fundamentalist terrorists that attacked us on September 11 weren’t members of the Jew-homo-doper-Commie-shrink-left-Pope cabal?

As Gene Weingarten said:

Neither do I.

Sometime during the Reagan Administration, all the living ex-Presidents were together in one place. At the time, that group consisted of Carter, Ford, and Nixon.

Or, as Bob Dole quipped, “Hear no evil, see no evil, and evil.”

The man’s nearly psychotic levels of paranoia and hatred, combined with his Machiavellian nature, will be providing us with an ongoing source of amusement as long as the tapes continue to be transcribed.

When I read Tip O’Neill’s memoirs, I recall him saying that Nixon, if he hadn’t been so paranoid, would have made an excellent president, but the fact was, the man was nuts. He said Nixon was always worried about something or other that was out to destroy him.

What we really need are some TV commercials to convince young people to change their free and easy ways…

“Every time you buy a bagel…”‘Dude, it’s just some baked goods!’

“Every time you pick up gefilte fish…”‘It’s only seafood–no-one’s getting hurt!’

“Every Kosher dill…”‘Whoa…I just like the crunch, dude!’

“Where do you think the Jew-homo-doper-Commie-shrink-left-Pope cabal gets their money from?”