And verily, the Lord of Hosts shalt stick his arm up your ass

If you are so easily offended.

Classy. With the nigh but constant chase to the lowest common denominator, this place is getting more and more frustrating.

…and the choir sang “Hole-y, Hole-y, Hole-y!!! Merciful and Mighty…!”

Er…SAL, are you objecting to BrightnShiny’s objection/being insulted?

Grow a skin, Hamlet. This thread is funny! Funny in that way that Freddy Got Fingered was funny.

Actually, I can’t see the problem either.

From the point of view of this Christian: one of God’s attributes is omnipresence. It follows, therefore, that His arm is already up every ass in creation … am I wrong?

(I’m a Christian, but not always a very reverent one. Or an easily offended one.)

Ooooh … will you be my new theology teacher? :slight_smile:

Christianity: God’s arm is up your ass.
Hinduism: God’s arm is your ass.

Other religions will be left as an exercise for the student.

Judaism: God’s arm is up your toukas?

Atheist: Stop relying on the Magical Sky Faerie and put your arm up your OWN ass.

Unitarian Universalist: Let’s all put our arms up each other’s asses.

Southern Baptist: Put your arm up your ass if you want - but no dancing while you do it.

The Matrix: There IS no arm – and no ass either, for that matter.

Agnostic: There may or may not be an arm up your ass. We don’t know. It might just be a fancy dildo.

Man, this is a lot more fun than I thought this thread would be. Thanks for providing me a laugh.

Zen: Just as there is no distinction between my self and your self, there is also no distinction between your arm or my arm; between your ass or my ass. Therefore, your ass is mine.

Wiccan: You can put your arm as far up your ass as you want, as long as you don’t hurt anyone. (Or frighten any cute, furry animals.)

Jain: If you put your arm up anyone’s ass, make sure you don’t crush any fecal coliform bacteria in the process.

Perhaps I was a little oversensitive, but I don’t think it warranted the attacks I was subjected to in that thread, and I did make an attempt to move the discussion out of the thread.

Anyways, carry on.

Seinfeldism: I don’t put my hand up anyone’s ass. Not that there’s anything wrong with it.

For the record, I wasn’t personally offended, nor do I think Zenster intended it that way. I did find some of the ensuing remarks offensive.

Jehovah’s Witness: We’d like to take a moment of your time to share with you the arms up our asses.

Scientology: In order to achieve true happiness while understanding not only the nature of the arm in the ass, but the arm and the ass seperately, as well as, indeed, the nature of the elements that make up the arm and the ass, send more money to our great leader!