And you thought that Penis enlargement was too much. (TMI)

I just recieved this in a spam:


“Get more with Clitimore

Pfft. It’s really just a specially modified TugAhoy.

Well, at least now I will be able to find it.

I gotta say I thought it sounded pretty silly until reading DreadCthulhu’s well thought out and provacative post.

Significant clitoral enlargement can occur from steroid usage.

crosses legs and moves (well, shuffles) along

I was so sure this was going to be about saline infusion.

Would this procedure lead to knee jerk reactions?

Well, I should certainly hope so!

<drew carey>
my clit is so huge…
</drew carey>

Well, who woulda thought that all this time, me, DreadCthulu and all our ilk were looking for a ligament?