Make mine eight inches please..

With breast enlargement becoming so routine I was just wondering if anyone out there has heard when doctors might be offering a penis enlargement surgery?

No I don’t need one…really

Of course that’s just my opinion I could be wrong.
Dennis Miller

Penis enlargement is pretty routine these days. Typically they inject your own fat in it (like a liposuction in reverse).

Yeah, about 10,000 a year down in LA.

8" ? Are you sure your wife approved that?

There are actually two procedures available. One increases length by cutting away the connective cartilage, pulling everything forward, and tacking it back up (that hurt just to type it). From what I read they can only generate about 1 additional inch. The other is mentioned by dlv and adds girth by relocating fat deposits. Neither are failsafe, and complications can spell disaster (Honey, why does Willie look like a clump of cottage cheese?). IIRC, Medscape online - - has some interesting articles and sobering reports of complications.

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Make mine eight inches? Why would I want to shorten it?

Make mine eight inches? Why would I want to shorten it?


heh heh

Just fold it in half. :slight_smile:

I simply triple my stroke rate. 3,6,9-3,6,9 etc.

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Hey, guys. Forget the length. Go for the girth. I’ve had 'em 9" long and 5" around (not the same one, thank God!). I choose Fat Willie over Long Dong any day.

Why thank you for sharing that Cyan.

Women should go for the tight fit when it comes to surgery on THEIRs.

well just call me fat willie… :slight_smile:

“Look honey, there’s the little dipper, I’d show you the big dipper but my zipper is stuck.”