And you thought the Reform Party was weird...

Hello, everyone. Meet the Libertarian National Socialist Green Party.

From what I can see these guys are serious. Politically correct, environmentally conscious Nazis.

God bless America!

Yep, I thought the Reform Party was weird. I thought it was very weird indeed when they got 66 seats in Parliament and became the official opposition. I thought it was even weirder when they changed their name to CCRAP. It was…


Oh. Well, there’s more to this world than the US, you know.

I didn’t think they were weird, i thought they were EVIL

Uhhh…yeah, I know. These dudes appear to me to be a US political party, however, and I was therefore speaking in the context of US political parties.

What’s even stranger (as a Libertarian) that they put Libertarian and Socialist in the same light, umm, Libertarian and Socialist are two very opposing views.


ACK, don’t even associate true Libertarians with these guys…nope, no how no say.

< coughs up a furball >

-Cecil Adams

That’s what I thought. They want to socialize certain things while arming every able-bodied male with an assault rifle. :smiley:

BTW, I retract my comment about them being politically correct. Digging further into their FAQ, it seems they are firm supporters of maintaining “racial and cultural purity,” though they don’t advocate killing people.

I don’t know if these are kids with too much time on their hands, or what, but this site made me more than a little queasy.


From the site, I lie not:
“…the National Socialist regime of Germany, who despite dubious victories maintained the most powerful empire on earth.” (emphasis mine)

The Nazis!!! “The most powerful empire on earth”!!! And especially “maintained”!!! BWAH-HA-HAH-HA-HAH!!! AS IF!
They were so busy expanding into everybody else’s territory, and making enemies of the freaking rest of Europe, that their empire (such as it was) got hammered into non-existence!!