Reform Party 2: Electric Boogaloo

Admittedly, these guys do have some good ideas and seem to be short of nutty billionaires.

Hmm, makes sense, it’ll never work in America.

:: sighs with relief ::

For a moment I thought this was going to be about the Canadian Reform Party, which was basically a coalition of the social-conservative, nominally small-government, western-annoyance, and Christian/Muslim/Hindu fundamentalist wing of Canadian politics, whose power base is in Alberta. It was very similar to current-day Republicans without the corruption or kleptomainiac streak.

The Reform party changed its name a couple of times and managed to take over the federal Conservative party (causing them to drop the “Progressive” part of their name). They flamed out during the previous-to-last federal election when lax party discipline allowed backbencher candidates to express their true views, after which the progressive sectors of the electorate (mostly in the east), fanned by the propagandists of the Liberal party, abandoned them in droves.

The Liberals themselves flamed out before the last election due to corruption in the federal government itself (the infamous Adscam), the Conservatives improved their party disciplin immensely, and enough Canadians voted Conservative to give them a minority government.

The opposition parties working together can pull the plug on a minority government, by defeating a budget reccomendation. But so far, they haven’t. The Conservative government survives.

I think your Reform party’s policies are a lot better for your long-term survival than those of your current administration…