Andrew Cohn, you are a jerk.

The Seattle Times ran a piece ( on finders of cell phones, wallets, etc, expecting a reward for returning the lost item. Eh, reasonable enough. But then in the middle of the article, there’s this pathetic excuse for a human being:

What a scumbag. Stealing from a guest.

At least he’s got an ethical friend. Cohn eventually returned the wallet (without the cash) to the owner, a pretty cute girl. Cohn thought he’d like to date her (that’s nerve), but didn’t have her number or address. He asked his friend for the info:

So let’s recap. He found a wallet belonging to his guest. He took all the money out of it, and then returned what was left to the owner. And then thought that he should date her.

What you need to do, Mr. Cohn, is move back in with your parents, and not come out again until you’ve absorbed some basic lessons in ethics.

Can you provide a link to the article?


Why didn’t he look at her driver’s license before stealing the cash?

Ohmigod, I just found this. Here’s the girl he took the money from:

IMO, when a person’s property is returned, he/she should offer a modest reward to the Good Samaritan, but under no circumstances should the finder simply help himself to the property in question.

This Andrew Cohn guy sounds like a major asswipe. I’m just relieved he failed to get her to go out with him; I see that situation as quite possibly, given Cohn’s established asswipe tendencies, following a similarly ugly precedent from last year.

Cohn isn’t an asswipe. He’s a thief, and assuming the statute of limitations has not expired, he should be arrested.

Oh, c’mon, RJ, surely he can be both!

I’m feeling so generous, I’ll give him both titles!

Wow. She was so much more polite in her response than I would have been. First, Cohn should be up on charges of theft, and second, I’d have some choice words for the “friend” who didn’t speak up about the theft until asshole asked for the girl’s number.

Me too!


Read the whole thing… the 2004 incident [Andrew Goldberg] remains an unconfirmed UL, but the 2006 one, in which Darren Sherman invoiced his one-time date Joanne after she refused to see him again, was confirmed.

It’s funny, but I had no recollection of the specifics of that story, despite posting about it last year. But when I Googled “man woman date sent her a bill,” all the top links were to Darren Sherman, et al. So apparently this sort of thing really doesn’t happen all that often. :smiley:

Edit: It’s okay, ducks. We’re all a bit “hazy” and have to “try it again,” sometimes. :slight_smile:

I like how this dick tries to justify his thievery by claiming you’d have to be crazy to think he wouldn’t steal it.

Bingo! Steve is also an asshole.

That’s how people like this think. They don’t actually believe they’re being thieving scumbags, they think they’re acting just like everyone else would act in the same situation.

Who has ‘guests’ where you don’t know their name or address? Except for frat house keggers, etc.

FOAF. Happens from time to time.

Heh, this sounds like the very definition of chutzpah - stealing money from a girl’s wallet and then asking her out! :stuck_out_tongue:

Seriously. Too bad those big balls of his wont be getting any attention from the opposite sex in the foreseeable future.