Andrew Cuomo 2020?

UIs is possible Governor cuomo can run next election?

If you’re talking about the Presidential election, yes, it’s possible.

Is Andre Cuomo the Governor of New York’s French cousin?

I fondly remember my dinner with Andre Cuomo.

It sounds like he is not well liked by the Liberal wing of the Democratic Party and they will have a lot to do with winning the primaries. Living in New Jersey it seems like he is competant Governor. He has actually got a few State Budgets passed on time which has never happened in my lifetime.

Of course he might just look good compared to the Governors of New Jersey. We’ve had 3 straight disgraces coming from both parties.

I see the thread title has now been fixed.

A Brooklyn friend of mine who’s very plugged into NYS Democratic politics is not a big fan of the governor, who IIRC he considers unprincipled, ruthless, possibly crooked and certainly overly ambitious.

“Overly ambitious”? Was there ever a President this couldn’t be said about?

Wait. Running as a Democrat? Or Republican Lite?

The question isn’t “should he run?” or “will he win?” The question is simply, is it possible that he will run*. He’s old enough and a natural born citizen. So, there you have it.

*plus a few typos.

I could see him running. I also don’t see him winning the nomination. The legislature (not really his purview to be fair) got even more screwed up and he went along with it as governor. The SAFE Act was wildly unpopular upstate. He had the name, NYC and Long Island, and two really terrible opponents in 2010 and 2014 to get him elected.

Can he point to some accomplishments? Sure, but not that many. Getting a budget passed on time is basic governance and not a highlight, no matter how screwed up the budget was before. I already mentioned the SAFE Act. With time and luck some of the initiatives to revitalize upstate will work (what’s now SUNY Nano, the biochemistry effort in Buffalo, the new brewing law to try to replicate the success seen with wine) but I’m not sure how much he can run on. I see him throwing his hat in the ring and out after New Hampshire at the latest.

He has a pretty famous name, so there’s that. I wouldn’t discount the value of that, along with some appealing rhetoric.

You know who else had a famous name and some appealing rhetoric? (Not who you think! :smiley: )

He’s also married to a Kennedy I believe.

You’re right. But is it a Kennedy man or a Kennedy woman? That might make a difference. :wink:

George Takei married a Kennedy?! No shit?

Was married. They’re divorced and he’s dating Sandra Lee.

I’m not saying it would be a big problem, but it would definitely influence his early coverage: The national media seems, based on my limited experience, to hate him. They’re largely based in New York City, and also informed enough to know that the decline of the subway system is a state matter. Stuff like this, which would be a tiny blip if it happened to another transit system in another state, will be at the top of reporters’ minds:

Well, there’s ambitious, and there’s so ambitious that you’ll trample your own grandmother to become President. Dubya and Obama were ambitious; Trump and Cuomo both IMHO fall into the latter category.

Yeah. That’s a big negative mark in my books.

His big problems are, forst, he’s not a very good speaker, and, second, he’s terrible to his staff.

OK, didn’t know. Don’t keep much track of him honestly. I had to look up Sandra Lee, never heard of her.